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“I”m Not Worried About the Cracks” (in the Floor of the Sadie Johnson Center)

November 16th, 2012 by

As MLive’s Joe Burgess was touring the new Sadie Johnson Community Center, after speaking to ETC. engineer Shawkat Ali, another ETC engineer, and the AMR contractor, he overheard one of them say, “‘I’m not worried about the cracks.”

Noting that the floor was almost totally covered with wide sheet of paper, Burgess asked the engineers and the contractor, “What cracks?”

They quickly explained that the cracks are not serious, they are not “structural”, and can’ t be avoided.  It was then explained that cracks occur whenever water evaporates out of concrete.

The engineers then explained that the paper was covering the floor of the building, since it was “stained concrete”.

When asked where the cracks were located, one reply was “All over”, another answered, “Here and there.”

After the re-re-work of the concrete of the nearby Splash Pad, it seems like a wise idea to be “Worried about the cracks.”

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16 Responses to ““I”m Not Worried About the Cracks” (in the Floor of the Sadie Johnson Center)”

  1. Jackie says:

    Are those a big deal, or is that a cosmetic thing related to the way the floors are stained/finished? I mean, I don’t know anything about structure but I know there’s some stores in greenville whose floors look that way.

  2. Arlene Russell says:

    Thin fine cracks appear when concrete has been etched. First Assembly has an etched floor in the building where the kitchen is located.

  3. Bishop Sam Wherry says:

    This is ridiculous. This is a flaw in the contractors work as outlined in the architectural rendition and this being a public facility with public funding it requires immediate correction and whoever the inspector is at fault here and Federal/State entities should be summoned ASAP for correction/breach of contract issues and the city engineer should be held accountable for not exposing this issue upfront. The Architect is accountable for this for inspections to determine the validity of his construction procedure must meet and/or exceed OSHA issue and this is a serious OSHA(Safety/Hazardous issue) that in all probability be a danger to citizens of the United States in a public funded facility by tax paying citizens of the United States. Thanks to Joe Burgess for his keen investigating reporting and awareness caring interest that this was exposed. It is no way that this administration and it’s staff not be aware of a serious foundation issue as this which makes the entire facility structurally hazardous. The plans and hopes for the eastern sector are persistently being shattered by neglect and don’t care constitutionally elected entities and the people need to address this ASAP and OSHA contacted along with EPA etc.

  4. steve says:

    as a retired contractor i can give you 3 guarantees about concrete 1 it will not burn 2 it will not get stolen 3 it will crack. small cracks are normal go to any building and look you will find cracks it does not pose a public hazzard or safety issue before you start blaming anyone call osha yourself and do the research

  5. doesnt matter says:

    Bishop i can not believe that you would imply that that this flaw in the building is due to its location in town… and talk about care and Neglect on the east side…. start talking to the community of the east side about care and neglect of their own community before you go putting the blame on others! in the last month or so a public road was completely vandalized on the east side… that road belongs to me and other tax paying citizens. now the citizens of the east side have decided to defaced it!!!! that sir is ridiculous!!!

    the flaws in this building are due to selecting the “low bidder” for projects, instead of the best bidder for the job…. its like buying something at dollar tree for a dollar and expecting it to last like something bought from a store that carries good quality merchandise…

    i drive through the east side and a very good part of town every day the difference in the two is the east side you will see people turn out of their driveway and litter 100 yards down the road. the nice neighborhood you will see people walking in the morning or evenings with a walmart sack to pick up trash along the way… those neighborhoods are nice and well kept because the citizens of those neighborhoods strive to keep them that way. the east side does not!!!

  6. Joe says:

    Sam, glad you are on the job. On the Architectural Rendition on this project, have you read it? What is your engineering background? OSHA inspection maybe. Yes, get the EPA to come down. They can come up with an excuse to trash the whole project I’m sure.

  7. Bishop Sam Wherry says:

    Cracking concrete is costing homeowners and business owners thousands pf dollars right here in Monticello, Arkansas and the majority of them were/are from violated foundation construction in Federal Sud-divisions there were constructed in the 70’s and 80’s. This issue is discovery by a news reporter overhearing construction staff purposely station no interest in a flaw in foundation issues throughout the facility. The duty of a Research Analyst is to assure the General Public and Private Sector entity of Fact protective provisions and regulations are in place and that any Federal, State, Local entity shall immediately adhere to the research analyst and investigate and correct the same. This facility is in construction phase financing and development and the foundation has passed inspection&no apparent there i an oversight and the liability is to correct if it means taking down and starting all over at the expense of the liable parties. That is why Public entities are required to contract Architects/Engineers and Licensed/Bonded Professional Commercial Contractors that the facility will not upon opening the General Public and the facility service to the Public will not impose any discrepancies as outlined in the Architect Renditions. Theory and experience are not the issue here it is Federal, State and Local Regulations which have no tolerance zone for any entity. The discovery has taken place, corrections now must be adhered to, that is in the contractual liability agreement. ASAP

  8. Retired contractor says:

    First of all, OSHA is only involved if there is a safty issue.
    I’m not in a positon to say yea or nay on the cracks, except from the picture it looks like you have a problem.
    Because, having worked in SE Arkansas with it’s shifting soil base, cracks like this will only get worse.
    Lots going to depend on reinforcement. Just wire–kiss it goodbye.
    Number 4 rebar at 4 inch grids, it’s probably not going to separate.
    This statement that concrete will always crack isn’t totallly correct. WIth proper soil prep, mixture, reinforcement, expansion joints and most of all, quality labor, cracking will be rare. I’ve got large pads over 20 years old without cracks.

  9. KJ says:

    99.9% of concrete slabs are going to crack. Its common sense, the earth its sitting on moves. Dont like it, destroy it like the last building, the concession stand, and the pool.

  10. good ole monticello boy says:

    well said steve anyone with a little concrete knowledge knows that. sam do your reshearch before you go bashing on the contractor and the inspector or bter yet dont coment on something you know nothing about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bishop Sam Wherry says:

    (Sadie Johnson Building, Flaw Foundation serious Issue), as I review this session of the Monticello City Council, I cannot believe the following serious issue was not discussed and/or put into committee for immediate corrective actions etc. Monticello is not a foreign country receiving foreign aide from the United States and second Monticello is not a dictatorship, it is a democracy of the State of Arkansas and the United States of America and the citizens thereof are tax payers who entrust those constitutionally elected to execute and adhere to the United States and State of Arkansas Regulatory statues for the safety and perseverance of the Citizens of the United States who reside in this city, so why is the following so neglectful that the council that governs and oversee the people interest and well being persistently handling the Sadie Johnson Facility and the Eastern Sector or East End like a worthless enterprise. Review the following and draw your conclusion, looks like the calvary needs to come to town.
    As MLive Joe Burgess was touring the new Sadie Johnson Community Center, after speaking to ETC. engineer Shawkat Ali, another ETC engineer, and the AMR contractor, he overheard one of them say, “‘I’m not worried about the cracks.”

  12. willvest says:

    ain,t be no engineer type feller! but i was workin at a local car dealer, when they new buildin wuz bilt, back there agin now, i don,t thinks i sees no cracks in our shop floors, that been a few years! ma and paw has a concrete carport, floor 10 yr old……hmmm… no cracks in it either! kinda got ta agrees wit bro. wherry on this! and by the by what part of town it be in got ta do with it? also folks whut feels strongly bout somethin, why don,t ya,ll put yo real names on here, insteada these pseudonyms (hope that big word spelt rite!) then agin it be hard ta get quality works done like ya used ta, no matter how much ya pays! but i thinks it otta be looked at a lil closer, ya know my tax money helped pay fur it!

  13. Richard Pryor says:

    Well said Champ! (willvest) Took awhile! But I got it!

  14. doesnt matter says:

    I’m just tired of the Bishop pulling the assumed race card by implying this building’s faults are due to its location…

    these cracks can, have, and will happen to any building in any part of town that is not properly prepared…. these cracks were caused by people cutting corners to maintain profits in a low bid scenario…

    not because this building is located on the “east sector”. the contractor did not conspire to keep the East Sectorians down by building them a sub par building…..

  15. dontmeannothing says:

    You nailed it “doesnt matter”. You nailed it buddy.

  16. American Lady says:

    The Sadie Johnson building is a nice structure and it was better than what was there before. All this talk about cracks is just unnecessary. I have seen buildings that cost millions of dollars with cracks in it. Mr. Wherry just need to stop venting about a city owned property. Just because the building is located on the east end of town does not mean it was just thrown up that is definately not the case.

    The building does not have any safety concerns what so ever and if the cracks in the floor is bothering any one please feel free to write a check to the City of Monticello for the floor to be covered with tile.

    I wish people would give this much attention to the people who are hungry and in the nursing homes these people have somethiing to vent about but they are humble and thankful.

    And I am proud to see that the building is up and will be ready for use real soon.

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