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Flooded Homes on N. Gabbert St. – Blame City & State for Nor Clearing Clogged Culvert

January 14th, 2013 by

Around 4 am, Sunday, flooding was reportedly enter homes homes on North Gabbert St.

In an interview with the family, they said they heard water running, and when they got out ot bed to see what was wrong, their feet touched the carpet, and that’s when then knew their home was flooded.

The family told KARK and MLive that they had requested the city and state clean out a culvert under North Gabberrt St. that was clogged up with leaves, but no one taken care of the impending problem.

After their hause was flooded, the AHTD cleared the culvert, and the water (in their yard) was soon gone.

Also see the KARK report.

3 Responses to “Flooded Homes on N. Gabbert St. – Blame City & State for Nor Clearing Clogged Culvert”

  1. ALilTooLate says:

    Hmmmmm looks like either the city or state might end up paying for a clean-up job

  2. Spaulding says:

    Hopefully so.
    People have been begging for better rainwater/ sewer /drainage systems. So far the City of Monticello has done NOTHING to answer,
    Right along with the ADEQ. They always get a pass and the people get to suffer. Such a travesty.

  3. Edith Carter says:

    that figures that they won’t clean ditches—I have asked the state hwy dept to clean out my ditch up on 425 N several times over the last year–have they done it yet??? no they won’t even talk to me about it–also asked for wake up strips to be put down the side of the hwy as there are folks running off the hwy & wiping out my mail box I have lost count of how many times this has happened–the state hwy dept won’t respond.

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