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Fatality Collision Near Lincoln County Line – Victim Identified

April 11th, 2013 by

z calebA 25-year-old Drew County man was killed instantly around 5:45, Thursday morning, in a collison with an 18 wheeler, near the Lincoln-Drew County line.

The Chevy pick up was northbound and lost control, when it began to spin, colliding with the front, then right rear of the cab of the unloaded chip truck.

Monticello Fire & Rescue responded, as did MASI. Arkansas State Troopers are working the accident, assisted by Drrew County sheriffs deputies.

The driver was identified as Caleb Satterlee, of Monticello.

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23 Responses to “Fatality Collision Near Lincoln County Line – Victim Identified”

  1. Kay Craig Malan says:

    Prayers and condolences to Caleb’s family and to the chip truck driver

  2. Jerry Hughes says:

    Gonna miss you my friend.

  3. Sheila says:

    My heart goes out to the family. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Jo Ann norris says:

    My heart goes out to his precious family!!! I’m so sorry to here this tragic loss!!!! God please wrap ur powerful hands around this great family!!! He was such a sweet caring young man!!! Your n my thoughts & prayers!!!!

  5. kim wells says:

    All I can do is cry. I taught this young man in 5th grade. I loved him so much. I always encouraged him in all areas. He was so nice and has an awesome Moma. I am praying for all of his family. I am so sad.

  6. DenA says:

    How awful. My heart felt sympathy goes to his young wife and family.

  7. KC Gage says:

    The world lost a very special person today. But in the process we gained a guardian angel like no other. Caleb was one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. He had worked for everything he owned and was proud of it. I have only known Caleb for 5 years but in that time he has become one of my best friends and one of the greatest people I have ever had the privilege to know. We are all better for having him come into our lives. He was a loving son, husband, and friend. RIP brother. I love you and miss you.

  8. Marie Rodela says:

    Praying for Caleb’s wife, Amy. Such a sad sad loss.

  9. Heather O'Neill says:

    This is such a tragedy. I am deeply saddened for the loss suffered by his wife and family. May their memories bring them comfort. Amy you have my sincerest sympathies.

  10. bj says:

    Caleb was a great man and an even better friend it was a privalege to be friends with him for 18 years. Even though we are surrounded by all this tragedy I can’t help but remembering all the good times and
    memories that we had together. Virescit vulnere virtus(courage becomes greater through a wound) rip brother we love and miss you, you will never be forgotten

  11. Chris Ray says:

    Caleb Satterlee was a great man. I had the pleasure of knowing Caleb for over 8 years. He struck me as a good person the first time I met him. Caleb was a man of high character, always pleasant, and gave and earned respect. He valued all of his family members very much. I pray that they each receive comfort during this tragic time.

  12. Tidd says:

    My prayers go out to all his family. Also to the truck driver Im sure he is shaken up pretty bad because of this accident. Even though it was nothing he could do to try to stop this from happening. It wasn’t any ones fault just a tragic wreak for all involved. Again Im sending prayers out for all involved.

  13. acrey says:

    I am so sorry to all the families and friends assoiciated in this tragedy…My deepest heart felt sympathy goes out to everyone…Amy you are in my prayers and be strong…..

  14. Destiny Sivils says:

    I have only know Caleb for about 4 years but it was an amazing 4 years! U were an amazing man and a wonderful friend Caleb. I`ll never forget all the laughs we had :) and all the goofy stuff u used to do to make me feel better (like dance) lol. U were the greatest friend that anyone could have asked for. Rip Caleb we will forever miss and love u.

  15. Bj Sivils says:

    Caleb was an amazing man and an even better was a great privilege to be friends with him for over 18 years. Even though we are surrounded with this great tragedy I still find myself thinking about all the happy memories and good times we had together. Virescit vulnere virtus (courage becomes greater through a wound) rip brother we will always love and miss you and we will never forget you

  16. ashley russell says:

    My love and prayers go out to the family I’m srry for ur lost……

  17. Margie Ellis says:

    Thank you for all your sweet words and prayers. Caleb was my nephew and a wonderful person. He is being loved and held in the arms of Jesus tonight.

  18. ems says:

    we will miss u i can say it was a honor to work with you even tho it was for a short time you was a great partner on the truck a great man who knew what he wanted in life and work hard for it never letting anyone in the way of your dreams i remember when you told me u had gotten the phone call about firefightting you was so happy as i was happy for you you are and will be truely miss a wonder man as for the family you are in my prayers may god be with yall in this time of loss Amy i am so sorry my heart goes out to you MAY GOD BE WITH YALL

  19. Edie says:

    Thoughts & prayers for the Satterlee family. I know he will be missed.

  20. Barbara Benton says:

    Mrs. Satterlee and family, my heart sank when I discovered it was Caleb who had been killed in the accident Thursday morning. I was just leaving my dad’s house headed to work when I saw the ambulance going north on 425. I always pray when I see an ambulance or fire truck speeding on the highway because you never know who is in trouble. My brother travels that highway daily, and I feared something had happened to him. When I made it to work, I checked the web, and I saw it was Caleb.

    I thank God that I had the pleasure to teach a wonderful and smart young man. You and your husband did an awesome job raising both your children. I pray that God will wrap his arms around you all at this very difficult time. Take care and cherish the memories you created with him.

    Ms. “B” (former 5th grade teacher)

  21. mary withers says:

    we will be praying for his family! RIP Caleb

  22. Sherry O'Neill-Rawls says:

    I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy. I didn’t know Caleb personally, but I know his family, & my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry that another auto accident has once again taken a loved one from you. I pray God will comfort you.

  23. Amy Satterlee says:

    I want to thank everybody for the kind words during this very hard time. Jerry and Kc you know caleb valued yalls friendship so much. He loved yall like brothers!

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