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Dancy Sentence Reduced by 8 Years, Still to Serve 28 Year Sentence

April 4th, 2012 by

Attorneys Robert Bridewell of Lake Village and Gary Potts of Monticello last week obtained a reduction in sentence of Michael Dancy.


Dancy was convicted by a Drew County Jury March 14th of the crime of Manslaughter.  He had originally been charged with murder in the first degree.  Dancy was sentenced by the jury to 8 years in the Department of Correction with an additional consecutive mandatory 8 years for committing a crime of violence in the presence of children.

Bridewell and Potts argued that the additional 8 years for the offense in the presence of children only applied to the murder in the first degree charge and not for the manslaughter crime of which Dancy was convicted.

The prosecuting attorney’s office agreed with the defense counsel’s interpretation of the law and documents were entered reducing Dancy’s sentence.

Dancy was also convicted of and sentenced by Circuit Judge Bynum Gibson on a probation revocation to a consecutive term of twenty years in the Department of Correction.

Dancy has been transported to the Department of Correction to serve his sentences.


Dancy Sentenced to 36 Years – 8 Year for Manslaughter, 8 Years for Felony in Minor’s Presence, & 20 Years on Parole Revocation
March 16, 2012

A Drew County jury spent 40 minutes finding Michael Ray Dancy guilty of Manslaughter this afternoon, and sentenced him to 8 years on that charge, plus 8 more on the enhancement charge of committing a felony in the presence in the minor.

Judge Bynum Gibson also revoked Dancy’s parole on a terroristic act from Chicot County, for reportedly shooing into an occupied  residence, sentencing him to another 20 years, which will also run consecutively.

The prosecution had sought the  more serious charges of first and second degree murder, but the jury decided on manslaughter.

The knife shown here was the weapon that caused Tony McRaney’s death. The jury’s verdict implies Dancy’s actions were “reckless”, not intentional.


September Slashing Death Trial Begins Second Day
March 14, 2012

The jury for Michael Ray Dancy will begin their second day of his first degree murder trial, this morning.

Dancy is accused of the murder of Tony McRaney on September17, on Davis Street.

Tuesday, the state called the crime lab medical examiner, 2 Arkansas State Police investigators, 2 family members, a MPD officer, and a responding EMT to the crime scene.

The state rested their case around 4 pm.  Today, the defense is expected to present a prosthetics representative (Dancy has an artificial leg), 2 family members, as well as Danzy and his wife.

The trial is expected to end today.

Murder Trial for September Slashing Death
March 13, 2012

A jury panel of 7 men and 6 women, including an alternate was called Tuesday morning to hear the First Degree Murder case of September 17’s stabbing / slashing death of a Monticello man.

Michael Ray Dancy, age 42 at the time of arrest, allegedly caused the death of Tony McRaney, age 48 of Pine Bluff.

Prosecutors Thomas Deen and Andrew Best plan to show the jury that Dancy used a 4 inch, razor sharp blade to slash McRaney’s neck and arm, with 1 vicious swing.

Dancy’s attorneys, Robert Bridewell and Gary Potts, will try to convince the jurors that Danzy, who has only one leg, was only trying to defend himself from McRaney, who reportedly registered at a .17 blood alcohol level, more than twice the legal limit.

Before breaking for lunch, the state showed the jury 3 graphic photos of the deceased injuries.  The incise cut to McRaney’s neck severed his jugular vein, according to the state medical examiner, casuing a laceration 6 inches long and 1 1/4 inches deep.

The court was to reconvene at 1 pm.

$100,000 Bond Set for Monticello Man, for Fatal Sunday Stabbing
Sept. 20. 2011

According to the Monticello Police Dept, around 12:30 Sunday morning, a call came into MPD, reporting a stabbing on Davis Street.

Michael Ray Dancy, age 42 of Monticello, reportedly a family member of victim, was arrested by police, shortly after the crime.

The victim, Tony McCarney, age 48, of Pine Bluff, was transported to Drew Memorial by personal vehicle, and died in the emergency room, of laceration to the neck.

Dancy was charged with first degree murder. during his bond hearing Monday afternoon, in front of Circuit Judge Kenny Johnson.

Dancy’s bond was set at $100,000 on the murder charge, but he is being without bond on a probation revocation hearing being filed Monday in Chicot County.

Monticello Police investigated the crime, assisted by the Arkansas State Police.

A state police special agent told the court that Dancy said McCarney hit him, before he used the knife.: but continued of the 3 witnesses who saw altercation, “No one saw Mr. McCarney strike Mr. Danzy.”

Dancy is being held in the Drew County Detention Facility.

31 Responses to “Dancy Sentence Reduced by 8 Years, Still to Serve 28 Year Sentence”

  1. taxpayer says:

    Anothe hung jury I suppose.

  2. beingmyself says:

    dont know the whole story feeling bad for both involved.we need to go back to praying we are loosing to many of our black males to sinceless crimes.He probably want do any time but i am not the judge amd dont want to be on be on the jury.i send my prayers up for both families may the lord wipe away your tears and mend the broken hearted im sorry for your loss.

  3. D George says:

    Prosecutor has a very poor record on rape and murder cases. Can’t seem to get any convictions. Guess Monticello is ok with rapist and murderers amongst their population.

  4. Oniesha Mccraney says:

    That Was My Daddy You Killed,You Didnt Think He Had Kids..Im The Youngest,He Couldnt Live Too See Me Graduate And This Was My Last Year And He Had Grandkids.. He Was All ii Had And You Took His Life Away From Me.. The Moniticello Need Too Give You Death Pentalityy..

  5. LaKeisha says:

    Oniesha, I pray for your family’s strength during your time of sorrow! I’m sorry for your loss.

  6. Mary Louise says:

    To all my family, I am so sorry to hear this. I use to babysit Tony and the rest of Verline and Verniste kids. I haven’t seen you guy’s in years but you have always been in my heart. I will be praying for our family.

  7. Princess says:

    Oniesha baby am so sorry Peg was a good man a deadbeat killer I hope he never gets out..

  8. Princess says:

    Oniesha baby am so sorry Peg was a good man an father. And some deadbeat thug comes along and takes him from everyone who loves him. I hope he never gets out to hurt someone ever again

  9. Oniesha Mccraney says:

    Thankk You.. I Miss Myy Daddyy.

  10. josh says:

    Oniesha my prayers go out to ur family, i worked with tony at wheeling machine, he will truly be missed, everybody liked him. He was a good man. This was a tragic event and no matter what the justice system decides this man will get whats coming to him, in this life or the next.

  11. Gayle says:

    It isn’t the Prosecutors or the Judges turning murders, rapists and child molestors loose.
    IT IS JURYS!!!!
    And if the jurys don’t do it, some Appeals Courts do it!
    We are also not CSI Miami or anything else. If that is what the critics want they will have to get up off their wallets and be willing to pay additional taxes to pay for the high tech stuff.
    There is limited funding for law enforcement, for the Prosecutor’s Office and jails. Most of the countys in this district have marginal jail facilities and do not have the ability to hold prisoners for any significant length of time.
    Drew County and Ashley County have good facilities that meet jail standards requirements and they are very expensive. The tax payers in those counties have paid dearly for them and they are normally full.
    Prosecutor’s, Law enforcement, and Judges can only play the hand they are dealt. Many times it is a losing hand because of limited resources. . Justice is not free!

  12. Oniesha Mccraney says:

    I Hope That Man qet What He Deserve..

  13. What da What?! says:

    Gayle, that’s rather insensitive. You see that the victim’s daughter is reading and commenting.You saying “justice is not free” that girls isn’t thinking about money, she’s thinking about her deceased father, she is mourning right now. I hope nothing like this happens to you or any of your loved ones cus then you will know that what you are saying is just plain wrong. Oneisha, I don’t know what or how you are feeling because my Daddy is here on Earth with me. Trust in the Lord, he will get you thru this. But be prepared for whatever outcome, remember this is Monticello and you know how that goes….

  14. Oniesha Mccraney says:

    Well Gayle Or Whoever Yhu Is Maybe If The Police Officerss Would qet Off Their Butt AND DO THEY JOB,,The Economy Would Be Maybe Ah Lil Bit Better.. Smdh Myy Daddyy Was Ah Innoncent Man.. He Didnt Even Know Myy Daddyy..He Better Hope He Dont qet Out AND THATS ALL I GOTTA SAYY..

  15. Mara says:

    He was also a very important relative to me. He was my uncle not only my uncle, he was the best uncle in the world. Niesha it’s ok we are going to get through this together. Because Michael danzy will get what he deserves in this lifetime or the next! And as for the lady that mentioned the money (I will pray for you mam cause you really need it) R.I.P Uncle PED I love you pretty pretty Tony!!

  16. openmindedperson says:

    First of all let me express my deepest sympathy to the Mccraney family, you will remain in my prayers! I didnt know the Mr. McCanarey but i do know Michael. For those who dont know Micheal he is a good man. He is a loving father to his kids and a loving husband to his wife. A Christan man who is a deacon in his church, a father figure to his nephews and a caring friend to many. I can plainly see that nobody who has commented on this besides me knows Micheal! Micheal has great charcter and i know what he is being accused of his outside of his character. None of use know all of the details but im hoping for justice also because it goes both ways and hopefully it will go the right way..

  17. Mara says:

    Well mam thanks for your prayers and all but I guess Mr.Michael has shown his true side. I guess some deacons forget what position they uphold! I no you say you knew him and all but Mr.Michael wasn’t thinking about his children at the time he committed a deadly crime!

  18. Oniesha Mccraney says:

    First Of All Myy A**,.Myy Daddyy Was Ah Deacon.. Ah Good Man.. Ah GREAT FATHER And Grand Father.. Yes I Do Know The Full Story Sweetyy,Myy Granny,Myy Brother,And Myy Daddy Friend Was There And They Seen The Whole Thinq,So Speak Upon Somethinq Yhu Know.. Cus Yhu Dont Know NOTHING…Micheal Came With Mess On His Mind,Cus If He Didnt He Wouldnt Have Had Ah Knife.. So Yhu Can Save That Mess Yhu Sayinq.. He Ah Coward Cus He Was Wayy Biqqer Than Myy Daddyy.. Smdh He Killed Ah Innoncent Man.. For No Reason He Gone Get His,God Bless Yhu.. He Been In And Out Of Jail.. He Aint nothinq!!!!!!!

  19. real1 says:

    1st of all, No1 have da right to bad mouth ppl when u don’t kno them or anything about them besides “WHAT U’VE HEARD”….. Believe none of what u hear & half of what u see!!! Both men are God’s children & he will take care of everything & everybody… Jus b/c u may want to believe what sum1 says doesn’t mean its da truth cuz every1 can lie, even ppl that be right there on a scene will LIE cuz dats jus sumthin us as human beings will do!!! & for future references its ALWAYS: ” 3 SIDES TO EVERY STORY, HIS,HIS, & THEN THE TRUTH”!!! #ENUFSAID

  20. Sinclair says:

    you said and I quote “He Better Hope He Dont qet Out AND THATS ALL I GOTTA SAYY..”

    are you out of your d$%N mind???

    attempting to make a threat,Where everyone can read it.

  21. betweenlines says:

    @ Sinclair, thats just senseless. to make theats on here even to have revenge on their mind because it wont solve anything!!!

  22. Oniesha Mccraney says:

    I Can Sayy What ii Wanna Sayy,I Aint Gotta Do Nothinq Too Him Becus Karma And GOD Gone Do That,We Done Buried Myy Daddyy,He In Ah Much Better Place So Yall Can STOP COMMENTiNG AND SHUT UP!!!!
    #ENOUGH SAiD..

  23. Oniesha Mccraney says:

    call it what yhu wanna..

  24. Thedramaisntneeded says:

    First of all no one wants to loose someone they love for any reason, but Mr.Micheal didn’t go over there with drama on his mine, went to try an help his family get peace if u knew the hole story but I hate the fact of both families are hurting rite now an it’s gone take time for healing but trust an beloved in god an it will all work out he has been working on getting his life together yes he’s been in jail before along time ago, may ur love one rest in peace but Mr. Tony has to so please get the whole truth not only what those that told u want u to believe because half of it is false but we feel ur pain loosing someone is never easy to deal with, please keep god first.

  25. Oniesha McCraney says:

    I, know the whole story sweety,if he came too keep the peace WHY DID HAVE AH KNIFE?? Im Done with,this, yall aint talkin bout NOTHING.. MYY DADDY IN A BETTER PLACE AND NO WE DONT WANT REVENGE, TRUST AND BELIEVE IF WE WANTED THAT IT WOULDA BEEN DONE.. YOU All Are #DiSMiSSEd.. God Bless Yhu :)

  26. Mara says:

    Excuse me everyone but my cousin and I are not trying to get revenge. We just hope he gets the punishments he deserve due TO THE CRIME HE COMMITTED. If you man enough to do the crime you have to bear the consequences!!!! But enough said hope there is action taken upon this dangerous man! YALL ARE DISMISSED!!

  27. witness says:

    I have read all this Mr. Dancy is good man, he was a deacon etc, etc, well if he was such a good man and a deacon why did he come to drop off a child of his new wife’s that he did not even want in the house ? Why bring a knife to drop off a child? I guess this deacon forgot to read the ten commandments, “thou shalt not kill”. but this really shouldn’t suprise any one cause he was already on probation for shooting at some one else and I was told it was a defenseless woman. I guess his anger kept escalating until he committed the ultimate crime, 1st degree murder. but we are missing the other per son involved in this, Falecia. Is she so stupid that she would choose a convict over her own children. I mean how do you carry a child for nine months and bring this child in the world not once but three times and your children become throw aways because you are so desperate for a man that you will take any ole piece of mess off the street. This one thing i know for sure God is still in control and i pray that Michael Dancy and Falecia get on their knees before God because I would be really afraid on judgement day if i were you

  28. Oniesha McCraney says:

    Amen @Witness ii Aqree !

  29. goog job says:

    justice was served,

  30. Shane Williams says:

    What I would like to know is, ‘Why are they not being charged with more than one count of carjacking? They, apparently, stole, at least 12 vehicles. Can they not be charged with these other 11 also? :(

    NOTE: These are Drew County charges.
    Any charges from Saline County will be filed there.
    Joe B.

  31. Educated Citizen says:

    I am appalled at the poor use of grammar and spelling in some of the comments, especially Oniesha’s. Do you truly expect people to take you seriously when you speak like you’re uneducated? Do everyone a favor and take an English course.

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