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County Judge’s Report

November 19th, 2014 by

I started out last week at the road department, making plans with the crew for the things were needed to get accomplished. I spent most of the rest of the day doing chores around the courthouse and preparing for the Veteran’s Day event to be held the following day.

We really appreciate the city loaning us some bleachers to provide seating for those in attendance.
The courthouse and road department were closed Tuesday in honor of the Veteran’s Day holiday, but we had an excellent turnout for the ceremony, which was put on by the local American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars chapters. It was very moving, and paid tribute to all veterans, those who served in peacetime as well as those who served in wartime. That afternoon, I had a chance to do a little deer hunting. I didn’t kill anything, but I enjoyed my time in the woods.
Around 6:30 that evening, we got a report of an elderly hunter who had been reported missing. He had last been seen around the lower weir of Cutoff Creek. His family became concerned when they did not hear from him. I went out with the search teams, and I just want to say that I am very proud of our Office of Emergency Management, our sheriff’s department, the Game & Fish commission staffers and all the other volunteers who helped. I’m so pleased that the situation ended well, with the hunter being found unharmed.
Wednesday was spent mostly in the office, catching up on paperwork and doing some budget planning. Thursday, we had boiler issues at the courthouse. We first began using our boiler in 1967, and it wasn’t new then, I’ve been told, having come from Ashley County. We still heat with radiant heat, and because of that, it’s hard to regulate the temperature and get it consistent throughout the whole courthouse. Later that day, I met with representatives of a company who were interested in making a proposal to supply our uniforms.
Friday began with a meeting of all of the county’s elected officials to discuss the 2015 budget. We ran late, and I did not get to participate in the Head of the Class Mini Miracle March, but I was able to watch it pass by from the parking lot. That afternoon, I performed two wedding ceremonies.
Road Department Activity
Monday – Longview and Prairie Chapel roads were double-bladed. State School, Old Troy, Firing Range, Old Dermott, Old Deane, Bordeaux, South 16th Section, South Cominto, Collins Line and Skipper Bridge roads, as well as streets in the township of Collins, were patched. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop. Ditches were cleaned on Enon-Deane Road and it was bushhogged, along with Collins Line, Midway Route, State School and part of Old Troy roads. The courthouse parking lot was cleaned and signs were put up throughout the county.
Tuesday – closed for Veteran’s Day
Wednesday – An 18 x 30 pipe was delivered to North 83. Bad spots were fixed on Webb Road, and it was double-bladed. Sid Carpenter, Van Cruce, James Brown, Calhoun and Hunger Run roads were bladed. Gravel was spread on Lakeview Estates. Goose Hollow, Prairie, Bowden Loop, Wilson Mill, Old Hwy. 65 and Loggy Bayou roads were patched. Gravel was hauled from the pit to the shop and to the fairgrounds, as well as to Webb Road and Lakeview Estates. Limbs were cut on Old Troy Road.
Thursday – One employee was trained to operate a grader. James Glennon, Gee’s Landing, Ben Loveless, Smith, Ozment Bluff Landing, Slina, Carl O’Neal, Barkada, Wilmar Loop, Gardner, Dave Knight and Walnut Lane were bladed. Gravel was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop and to the fairgrounds. Various roads were checked. Limbs were cut on Old Troy, Seventh Day Camp and Firing Range roads.
Friday – A pipe was delivered to Jerome. Lincoln, Bostian, and Dow Russell roads were bladed. More gravel was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop and to the fairgrounds. Signs were put up in various places. Limbs were cut on Firing Range and Old Dermott Roads. The shop was cleaned.

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