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Coleman Dairy Opens Facility in Monticello

July 26th, 2012 by

Coleman Dairy, a division of Hiland Dairy, is opening a new distribution Center in Monticello. The new center is 4100 sq. feet located at 424 North Conley St., formerly Roadway Express Distribution Center.

The new facility will act as a distribution center for Coleman and Hiland Dairy Products. Areas served from this facility will include Monticello, McGehee, Lake Village, Eudora, Dermott, Crossett, Dumas and other communities in the SE region of Arkansas.

“We are excited to be able to better serve the Delta area and be part of such a fine community like Monticello,” says Walt Coleman. “This area has many of the same core values of hard work and the family atmosphere that have been so much a part of our success for over 150 years at the Dairy.” Bob Coleman added, “We are very appreciative to all the good people we have worked with here in Monticello, including the Economic Development Commission. They made this all possible.” The Distribution Center, opening in Mid August, will be staffed by current Coleman employees who will be re-located to Monticello. There will also be an economic impact with fuel and construction needs.

“The rich Arkansas history of Coleman Dairy has made this project very exciting for Monticello,” said Nita McDaniel, MEDC executive director. “We are very proud to see Coleman added to our economic landscape.” Monticello Mayor Allen Maxwell was also pleased stating, “The city is excited about Coleman’s Area Distribution Center being located in Monticello and we hope that their experience here will be very positive.”


12 Responses to “Coleman Dairy Opens Facility in Monticello”

  1. Debbie Hyatt says:

    Welcome, Coleman! I wish that I weren’t so horribly lactose intolerant. I will be sure to purchase any of your products that I can get away with using.

  2. Concern Person says:

    Such great news having Coleman Products in our hometown.Keep the goods work going.Thanks Monticello.

  3. Conservator voter says:

    So what city will be hurt when they lose these jobs? No new jobs, just transferring folks from another city. Now where will they live? In rent houses we do not have? Or will these folks have to drive from their current homes? How is this helping Monticello? Will the construction contract be given to a Monticello company or one from out of town? How much fuel will they buy locally and how much does Monticello get from that fuel?

  4. A ustomer says:

    This is very good for Drew County consumers as well as towns in the surrounding areas.

  5. tax payer says:

    Conservator. Surly you are aware that Coleman went broke a couple of years ago. Probably because people preceived that some how the Texas Blue Bell brand was superior! HA!. These will be new jobs and I certainly hope they are able to mak a success of a good Ole Arkansas brand.

  6. RESIDENT says:

    Conservator voter your glass is half empty.

  7. MyAuntLulu says:

    Well, it’s a good thing they didn’t have to negotiate contracts with Conservator. Maybe you might conserve your opinion. We certainly have plenty of rent houses and available houses to purchase. Any bit of growth is good. Maybe the transferees with be optimistic, we can use some of that here in our nice little town. I’d say, if you don’t like it, LEAVE!

  8. Nana says:

    I sould have knew that if Monticello let Coleman come to town that it would not put any pple to work.If it would help the pple of Monticello they would not have been able to move here.

  9. Conservative voter says:

    “The Distribution Center, opening in Mid August, will be staffed by current Coleman employees who will be re-located to Monticello. ”

    This makes it plain that NO new employees will be hired. Yes, this is great news. However, this does not help unemployment in Drew County or Southeast Arkansas.

    This will not bring back the boat or GP jobs that were lost.

  10. Real guy says:

    There’s no homes for rent in drew county,and if u can find one there sSo over priced its crazy.

  11. Knowledge is power says:

    Conservative….you have no correct information because you don’t know the process personally. The people will not be transferred to Monticello…just their routes will be loaded out of Monticello versus Dumas, McGehee, and Hamburg. Two of these employees already live in Monticello so it helps keep their jobs closer to home. Please inform yourself before passing judgement on an excellent decision for this company and it’s families.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Whether we agree with Conservator or not, he has a point…there will be a small positive impact from this, but not enough to get excited about. It certainly would have been more exciting if more jobs were coming from the move, but I am glad for the route drivers that are already here and don’t have to make a long drive to the warehouse. This is life and we have to deal with it I guess…

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