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3 Youths Arrested for Church Vandalisms, in Drew & Chicot Counties

February 5th, 2013 by

Three southeast Arkansas juvenile males, age 15-16, have been arrested, and will likely be charged with the vandalism of  Bethel Temple Church, located near HWY 165 at Jerome, and Oak Grove Freewill Baptist Church on HWY 144, near Lake Village.

Bethel Temple was entered, and several items inside of the church were broken or destroyed.

Oak Grove Church had music equipment vandalized, windows broken out of church van, 9 area mailboxes, and a nearby car window destroyed.

According to the Drew County Sheriff’s Dept., all three juveniles have admitted to the crimes, been taken into custody, and transported to White River Correctional Facility for Juveniles.  Alcohol was reportedly involved.

The three teenagers are Chicot County residents, and were taken into custody by the Chicot County Sheriff’s Dept., who worked with DCSO to put the separate cases together.

The total damages are expected to total around $3,000 – $4,000, with the boys being charged with Breaking and Entering, Criminal Mischief, and Minors in Possession of Alcohol.

14 Responses to “3 Youths Arrested for Church Vandalisms, in Drew & Chicot Counties”

  1. their father says:

    I am the father of two of the boys that vandalized the church in Jerome. I would just like to apologize to the Pastor and the members of the church and commuited. I have no explanation to why they participated in such a shameful and careless act and I will not try. When I heard the news I was just as shocked as the people it happend to if not more so when I found out my kids took part in such a careless act. When I gain the truth I made sure the proper authority’s was told and my boys are now in a detention center until there first court aperance. That was one of the hardest things I ever done. Some of you may think they are getting what they deserve. I agree they need to pay for what they done and I just need to let the people know. That this is there first afeance and they are not bad boys they made some terrible decision and are facing the punishment. Please I am not making excuses for them they were wrong. As a father I just ask you please forgive them. Sincerely, “their father.

    MLive Note: Their father posted his name. It was removed due to the juvenilles age.

  2. Mimi says:

    It takes a mighty strong man to follow through with the decision this father made. We need more parents willing to admit their children make bad decisions and/or break the law. I’m sorry for his pain and I hope the boys learn from their experience at the detention center.

  3. Steve says:

    to the father…You are a blessed man… the letter you posted says alot about yoru character! Keep praying for them, Keep loving them and show them that kind of Character that they can build. Have them re-work he church area’s along with adults…it’s a great thing that ou can show them whats right and whats wrong!

  4. 138 says:

    Father, your a good parent. Not just a dad.
    It takes a real parent to make kids know what is right and wrong, and you have to be responsible for your actions.
    I applaud you for doing this. If other moms and dads would read and follow this and become parents, this world would be a better place.
    Everyone messes up, and makes bad decisions some times. Thanks for all your doing, i’m sure they are some good kids.

  5. This is great says:

    I agree if more people was like this gentleman here we would have a better country. Thanks for being a man and standing up.

  6. Good for You says:

    Good for you! There definitely needs to be more parents that are willing to discipline their children. I am sure that was a very hard thing for you to do, bu you did it! It seems that a lot of parents do not care enough these days to teach their children right from wrong. Even if they try, they do not implement any sort of punishment to get it through their heads. Thank you!

  7. Walter Chapman says:

    I really admire the father of those two boys. He truly demonstrates a
    Christian character rarely seen in this day and time. Our country needs more fathers like him to demonstrate that there is forgiveness for wrongdoing but vengeance belongs to God. His letter expresses Love which is the definition of God. May God bless him and his family!!!

  8. Gedwards says:

    to their dad….My daughter is very upset about what has happened especially since the brothers have been friends with her for years. They are not bad boys just mischievous. Its sometimes the company that good kids keep that causes them to succumb to bad peer pressure. I am so sorry, but please let them know that their “real” friends are gonna be there for them no matter what. No one is perfect!

  9. Jay says:

    Don’t blame the company you be around you know what you doing is wrong a wright.

  10. Jennifer says:

    To their father-As a parent, I know it had to be hard to turn your child in. But, it will help them out in the long run because they will see there are retributions for their actions. Maybe this will scare them enough not to do something like that again. You are a good parent and others need to follow your example. If you “protected them from the law” so to say by not turning them in, it could have led to worse behavior in the future.
    Thank you for being a good parent and example. And do not be ashamed of the boys, everyone does stupid things they later wish they hadn’t done. They will still love you after this is over. God bless you and your family.

  11. Father says:

    I would like to thank y’all for all the comments they really mean a lot to us..But Jay is right its not the people they are around. Every since our boys was big enough we taught them everything you do has consequences that they are responsible for there own action. Sunday when we found out we took are two boys to every house and made them knock on every door and look them in the eye and tell that person what they have done. We know as parents we have done all we could but now its out of our hands. I just hope and pray that the legal system is as understanding and forgiving as our god. I know they have to pay for there action but I just hope they are not too hard on them. I only posted apologize to the church in Jerome because they are the only ones they did not personally admit wrong doing cause it was not revealed to us until Monday at the police station. Once again we as parents are very sorry to all and when they do return home they will stand before the church in Jerome and face them just like they done the others. Like I said before I can’t explain why the oak grove church is a church they grew up in my family has been members before they where born and I will never understand what they was thinking. But like before all I can ask is that. the people they wrong and the community can forgive them. Thanks there parents

  12. a friend says:

    tehy are good boys my mom and there mom is like sisters. These boys were just under peer pressure thats it. They have great parents and a great family. Yea they new right from wrong but peer pressure is sometimes hard to say no to. GOD BLESS YALL GUYS.

  13. I can’t believe it was them everybody makes mistakew and this is theirs also everyone deserves ato be forgiven u know god forgives peiple and all they have to do is ask god for theie forgiveness and they are in my prayers!!!!!

  14. SKE says:

    I’ve know these boys for years and yes they have told me they have done some stupid things but I’m with (a friend) that most of that was peer pressure. They are also old enough to know right from wrong, and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers…. GOD BLESS THEM!!
    To the father- please remind them their “real” friends will still be here when they return.

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