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Commercial Burglar, with Medical Marijuana & Pills, Doesn’t Remember Crime or Arrest

July 17th, 2012 by

The 44 year old man, arrested by MPD after a local business owner entered his shop, Saturday, to find the stranger holding his cash register, received a $15,000 bond, Monday afternoon.

Tony Glynn Irons, currently from Monticello, told District Judge Ken Harper that he had taken a “#10 Valium and a Xanax” together for the first time, and didn’t remember anything else until he woke up in jail.

Irons, on parole out of California, is charged with commercial burglary, possession of a controlled substance, and 2nd degree criminal mischief.

After Jerry James of James Quick Print came into the business to find Iron in the back, Irons fled into a dark room, where he climbed into the ceiling, until police arrived.  When he was climbing down, he fell through a light fixture.

Irons told the court that the controlled substance he was charged with possession of was “medical marijuana” for pain, and that he “lost my cell phone at the crime scene,” and needed it back to get his numbers.

Burglar Caught in Local Business by Owner, Arrested by MPD in Ceiling
July 14, 2012

On July 14th, at approximately 2:30pm, MPD officers were called to in reference to a burglary in progress, at a downtown business.

When Jerry James of James Quick Print  opened the front door, he saw someone standing in the back of the building. The suspect ran into a room in the rear of the business,  and Mr. James shut the door on the suspect. Mr. James called 911 from his cell phone and stood by the door until officers arrived.

The suspect, Tony Glynn Irons, age 44, currently from Monticello, then made his way into the ceiling of the building, but was not able to escape.

As he was trying to climb down and surrender to police, he stepped on a light and came crashing through, where he was captured by the police.

Tony Irons has a very long criminal history to include several burglary, fraud and narcotics convictions from California, and is currently being held at the Drew County Detention Center with no bond until Monday.

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20 Responses to “Commercial Burglar, with Medical Marijuana & Pills, Doesn’t Remember Crime or Arrest”

  1. GRANMAW says:

    Lord forgive me…..I HAD TO LAUGH just how stupid can you be?? still laughing

  2. Conservator voter says:

    Way to funny.

    Sad part is… a local business man must spend his hard earned money to repair what a bum broke. Tony Glynn Irons should be required to do all the repair himself.

    Folks, times are hard. But breaking into other’s property is not the answer.

  3. don g says:

    whats wrong with these people. comedy crooks…. with that past record, he will probaly get probation. can’t wait to see the outcome of this will be.

  4. Concern Person says:

    Glad he wasnt hurt during the fall but i just like granny so stupid its funny.What will.he do next.Glad you ok Mr.James.

  5. OhMy says:

    Anyone who would put a trampstamp on their forehead is not brightest bulb in the pack to begin with!!

  6. lacey resident says:

    Yea right he dosent remember!!!!!! Lol

  7. whats with that tatt? says:

    i love tatts i have a few myself…but i aint gonna put it across my head, im glad i wasnt in the busness owners shoes id have laughed so hard at the entire crazy of it all he would have got away!!

  8. Concerned citizen says:

    Lmbo…his pic look like he was posing for a pageant photo contest!

  9. meech says:

    True enuff what Tony did was wrong, but we all have skeletons in our closests…..true he was on prescription drugs during the time this happened, most of all probably do drugs yourself but are to ashamed to admit it & how are ya’lll to sit back judging somone one for what they do…..for my cuz Tony…much love to ya brorther…..ya know Uncle Loyd & Uncle Calvin are laughing at you right now

  10. Dont fall far from the family tree says:

    meech with the frame of mind you have there is no doubt you are kin to “Mr. fall through the ceiling” or cuz Tony as you call him. Were they prescription drugs the Dr gave him or his street Dr gave him cause none of my meds that a Dr gave me has ever made me break into anything or steal anything. I work a JOB to support me and my family maybe your Cuz Tony outta try it.

  11. wilmar LADY says:

    Yeah I knew MEECH had 2 be related to this DUMP criminal to make a statement like that. But nawl, jus because the people U (MEECH) hang w/ does or have done drugs does NOT mean that’s normal for everybody. For people like tony that’s why they make TV shows titled WORLD DUMBest CRIMINALS. LoL!!! He’s a very grown man at 44 & according to reports have a very long criminal history so he needs to take resp & get off drugs & be a productive citizens. We have enough problems here w/ the locals so we do NOT need or want no out of towners came here tearing up our county. Go back to where he came from.

  12. tonys little cuz says:

    luv ya cuz

    way to go meech thank you
    tony litle cuz

  13. hmmm says:

    Wonder if he remembers getting that tat?

  14. hmmm says:

    @meech I seriously doubt “most of us” have B&E in our closet. It’s true many of us may have used drugs at some point, but we weren’t messed up enough to break into someones property to try and steal what they worked to own. And I’d be willing to be that no one on this thread has ever been so messed up that they got a tat on their freakin forehead.

    Jus’ sayin. Your “cuz” is an anchor dragging society down and it makes me mad I’m funding his stupid behavior with my taxes.

  15. Hobbit says:

    I’m sorry, my first thought was “this is your brain on drugs.” and I thought arkansas did not allow medical marijuana.

  16. Lucy says:

    I would like to know what his tatoo says across his head…is it lust or lucky?

  17. Don't Worry Bout That says:

    Yall Are All Hypercritics! I Agree With Meech! Yall Sure Are Quick To Judge But I Know One Thing One Sin Is Not Greater Then Another! Therefore Nobody’s Perfect So Yall Really Look Like Sittin up Here Talkin About This Man! Because We Have ALL Sin! And By The Way…Dude Was From CALIFORNIA! So Why Yall Trip Over The Weed! Yall Prolly Be Smokin It Too! So Shut That Stuff Up!!!

  18. concerned person says says:

    ye that is above sin,cast the first stone.Judge not for ye shall be judged.Were all gods children and we all have sinned.

  19. hypercritical says:

    “hypercritics” powers activated

  20. Get over it says:

    For we all have sinned and fell short of the glory of god

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