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Charles Searcy, County Treasurer – “Third Party Perspective” – Editorial

September 6th, 2012 by

MLive usually doesn’t post editorials, but the discussion about Charles Searcy’s upcoming position as Drew County Treasurer has drawn an amazing amount of debate.

With over 30 comments posted, it seems all positions on this topic have been thoroughly discussed;  but here are a few that deserve to be mentioned. With this summation, comments will be closed.

1.   Charles Searcy is one of only two candidates who cared enough to offer their services to the voters of Drew County as Treasurer.  “Everybody” always wants “somebody else” to run; “hardly anybody” does; and “everybody else” criticizes.

2.   Michael Booker’s decision to run did not prevent anyone else from filing on the Democratic ticket. Booker’s filing was submitted only minutes before the deadline (I was there.). No one else would have filed, except Searcy.

3.   Charles Searcy’s reputation as an accountant has taken many years to earn. He will do whatever it takes to successfully perform the duties of the Treasurer of Drew County. and keep his reputation at the same respected level that it is now.

4.   Searcy is a highly respected accountant.

5.   Agree or disagree with his proposed office location, no one has questioned Searcy’s qualifications, ability or experience.

6.   Searcy will speak to the TEA party Monday night.  Attend or watch the video Tuesday on


Booker Withdraws from Race – Searcy Will Be New County Treasurer
Sept. 3, 2012

Michael Booker, candidate for Treasurer, issued this statement to MLive:
“I would like to thank the citizens of Drew County for their support during my campaign for the position of Drew County Treasurer.  It has been an exciting journey that I will cherish for a lifetime.

With mixed emotions, at this time I am announcing my withdrawal from the election.  I have accepted a career opportunity, which I’ve been pursuing for years, that I feel is in the best interest of myself and my family.

I would like to congratulate Charles Searcy, the remaining candidate for this position, and wish him success as the future Treasurer of Drew County.”

Charles Searcy, the Republican candidate for position, will now be unopposed in the November general election, and take office in January.

Searcy expressed his appreciation to Booker for a clean, fair race, and expressed his best wishes for Booker in his career.  Searcy also told MLive, this will provide him a better opportunity to learn the practices of the Treasurer’s office, in order to make a smoother transition.

36 Responses to “Charles Searcy, County Treasurer – “Third Party Perspective” – Editorial”

  1. Question says:

    Having nothing against Mr. Searcy I was wondering just because he is “given” the win that still doesn’t allow him to handle any county business at his office across the street, am I correct? During his campaign he expressed it would only take a few hours a week to do be in this position and the rest of the time he will be easy to find across the street when needed so, since this is a fulltime position (40 hours a week) my question is how will he be able to do both?

  2. voter alert says:

    Make sure when you vote for County Judge that your canidate will not allow the treasure office to be moved it is in the county judge hands to allow it. It would not be good to recall the elected County Judge in January 2013 know your canidate and know who backs him.

  3. jerry webb says:

    I just read the response to ” Booker Withdraws from Race – Searcy Will Be New County Treasurer” and I would like to pose the same query. Is it legal to operate county business from a private business location? I personally think personal business and county business should not entermingle. I don’t think I would like having to go to a private business site to take care of business that should be taken care of at the courthouse. Also, if it is a job that only requires a few hours a week then why do we consider it to be a full time job? Is it not funded as a full time position?

  4. Agree w/ Voter Alert & Jerry says:

    Yes sir it is a fulltime position that is paid a fulltime salary. I am trying to find the videos from all the speeches that the candidates for Drew County Judge had before the May elections. But if I remember correctly there was not a definite answer but several voiced that they were going to check into it before making a decision. I personally don’t have a big name in Monticello so I know my opinion means nothing but I do not think it is right for that position to be handled anywhere but Drew County Courthouse. From what this is saying Mr. Booker stated, “I have accepted a career opportunity, which I’ve been pursuing for years,” so if he had to chose between the 2 why should Mr. Searcy be treated any differently? If the new judge cuts this back to a part-time position so he will be able to continue his accounting business I hope the judge also cuts the salary back to a part-time salary position which does not include any benefits.

  5. Diana Harton says:

    Just to put some facts to something stated above by voter alert. The County Judge has no authority over any elected official in the county government. The assessor, treasurer, clerk, collector are all autonomous and only answer to the people that elect them. The County Judge has no say over the way the other elected office are run.


    I would like to congratulate Michael on his decision about what he feels is best for him and his family. I would also like to congratulate Charles on his new position as county treasurer. I am sure he will do an excellent job.

    However, let me be the first of the candidates for county judge to state my opinion. I feel all county offices currently in the courthouse should stay in the courthouse. The county offices are located there for the benefit of the citizens of the county when they need to conduct business. Having these offices in one building improves the level of communication and day-to-day interaction between the office staffs, the elected officials, and the county judge.

    Jessie Griffin

  7. Confused Voter says:

    I have to agree with Mr. Webb. Is the Treasurer position a full time position that is paid with a full time salary, pension and health insurance? If it is then Mr. Searcy needs to leave his firm and be a full time treasurer. This voter sees the potential conflicts as enormous, and now the voter has no options at the place where he oir she has a voice – the ballot box. The Democratic Party should look into the legalities of this even if a governor appointee is on the ballot. This is bad news.

  8. jerry webb says:

    why isn’t the democratic runner up involved?

    NOTE: No other candidate filed for the race. Joe B.

  9. Conservative voter says:

    Read and see what the duties of an Arkansas County Treasure are.

    The quorum court can set the salaries of a county treasurer but does not have any other authority over the office.

  10. Mary Lasiter says:

    I for one do not want any of my business being done in any office except the County Treasurers office at the court house. It is no one elses business what taxes we pay. If it is being handled in a private office it leaves everyones business open for any one working there to see. What assurance do we have that they will not get out and discuss it with others. County business and all elected county officials should do the work in the office provided in the court house or not even run for the office. Just my opinion but – – – – – Are we going to start paying the office workers in his private office? Are we soon going to have to start going to private offices all over the county to do our county business if other elected officials decide to do the same thing?

  11. josh says:

    Go back and look in the archives on Monticello Live, and see what Mr. Searcy said at the Barkada event about holding this position. To paraphrase, “I would be foolish to give up my business to work this position full time and I’m not going to do that. I will move the office to Searcy and Associates, and I will be available by phone anytime to assist at the Courthouse.” Really? So, which one of his girls at Searcy and Associates will be handling the counties business? He isn’t concerned about the business of the County, just the title and the benefits. If he wasn’t willing to devote himself full time to a position that has had a full time leader ever since its existence, then he should not have ran. He is not doing justice to the people of this county by attempting to run a full time County government position part-time, while still drawing a full time salary and reaping full time benefits. This is a power issue that goes along with the name.

    I will commend Jessie for stating his stance on the issue. However, moving the office is a decision of the Quorum Court. It doesn’t matter if each official is their own elected body or not, the court has the final say on the offices and their location in or out of the courthouse. Read the statutes of the State of Arkansas. It is in black and white.

    Mr. Searcy also stated at Barkada, again to paraphrase, that he didn’t have to work but an hour a year. Excuse me? Does he really want to tell the citizens of Drew County that he can and will draw over $30k annually, and all he has to put in is an hour per year? I am regretful that Mr. Booker withdrew, but I respect his decision. However, the people of this county now have no choice in the matter this year. But please know that this is a two year term, and if Mr. Searcy doesn’t do what the people of this county wants, and not what is best for his personal gain, he can be removed in two years, if not before then.

  12. tax payer says:

    Mary dear, don’t you know that all activity in the county, including the taxes you pay, are public infomration?

  13. voter alert says:

    F.Y.I look it up yourself County Goverment Code Statue 14-14-1307 (offices) or call State Board of Election Commissioners @ 501-682-1834 no one has free reins elected or appointed to do as they please.

  14. Drew101 says:

    Come on drew county, is this really how we want to behave. Lets give the man a chance, everyone is voicing there opinion without us hearing what Mr. Searcy has to say. I pay taxes here just the same as everyone else and honestly i dont see a problem with the office being moved. Ive never even stepped foot in the treasurers office for any kind of business. So really it sounds to me like that is something that all the employees would need to speak with him about. As far as the pay if he does the work he should be paid for it. To me i commend the man for wanting to work to jobs. At least he wants to work, how bout we worry about all our tax money going to pay for the people that wont even work one job let alone two! Judging people befor you know them or see how they will do in something is wrong. As for Josh sounds to me like you have a little bit of hostility going there, you wouldnt be bringing your personal feelings into this would you?

  15. Robin Hood says:

    No one can blame Mr. Booker for looking ahead for his future; I congratulate him on his new job. I feel Charles Searcy will do a great job as Treasurer. However, all county offices should remain in the court house for easy access with other offices. Statutory language as well as county rules and regulations makes it imperative for the Treasurer’s office to remain in the court house. Robin Hood

  16. RE Drew101 & Josh says:

    You have got to be kidding why would anyone that is elected by the voters be able to handle “county business” out of his personal accounting office? We as voters did not vote for his personal staff/friend or friends with benefits to handle collector’s office duties. I thought the position was Drew County Tax Collector not the Drew County Tax Collector AKA Searcy and Associates. So you think the citizens of Drew County should pay him a salary, pay his retirement and insurance as he is working his normal daily fulltime accounting service at his office? If you feel that way you may need to few extra jobs to pay him because I think there are going to be many people that does not agree with you. If you have never stepped foot in the treasurers office then it wont make a difference if it stays where it has always been. I commend anyone wanting to work 2 jobs however I do not commend wanting to continue working his normal job and get a 30+ thousand dollar a year raise plus retirement and insurance to only continue what the was already doing. As for you saying to someone whom made a comment about bringing their personal feelings into it I say KUDDOS to you Josh many agree with you but to Drew101 you would bring getting a cut into the new salary into it would you?

  17. RE Drew101 says:

    In RE: to your first sentence Lets give the man a chance, everyone is voicing there opinion without us hearing what Mr. Searcy has to say.

    Were you at any of the forums held earlier this year? THAT IS WHAT MR. SEARCY SAID!!!!

  18. Monticello Citizen says:

    Congrats to Michael for following his dreams! I, too, agree that Charles Searcy will do an excellent job with this position! He has been active in our community for a long time and I, personally believe he is a hard worker. How many people seriously would want to work 2 jobs?! I think that alone shows how dependable he is. I hate to see other citizens bashing someone in our community and “paraphrasing” their opinion. We are all adults here (or so I assume) and I think the best thing we can do as a community is support one another! I think that regardless of where the office is located the job will be done well. I find it hard to believe that Charles said he will only work an hour a year…I did not go back and review the videos but I am certain that wasn’t what he meant with that statement if that is what was said. Common sense alone lets us know that job cannot be done in 1 hour per year! I think Charles is a great asset to our community and he definately deserves the position!! Congrats Charles Searcy!

  19. To Monticello Citizen and Drew 101 says:

    I am not saying he wont do a good job nobody knows yet but what is so hard about understanding Searcy has a full time job, when he announced he was seeking the position of treasure he knew what came along with it since it was not hidden in small print that the treasure’s position was a M-F 8:00-4:30 at the courthouse. How can he think it would be right to have that job but be allowed to move it to his office so he can continue his present job but be paid for this 40-hour position, benefits and health insurance while he does HIS OWN ACCOUNTING BUSINESS? Why would it be right for tax payers to pay him to do his regular job when he is suppose to be at the courthouse doing the treasures job????? All I can say is IF Searcy is allowed to do this and receive a salary & benefits all county employees (including myself) should get another job and just be where drew county citizens could contact them during the day if they are needed. He is no different than any other employee so he should not be treated any differently. How could they tell other county employees no if they allow him to do this?

    Monticello Citizen and Drew 101: If he plans on working 2 jobs that each of you are commended on then they should be 2 jobs not at the SAME TIME! He should have to work his regular 40 hours at the courthouse just as everyone else does. What he does on HIS time is his business but what he does on taxpayer’s time is taxpayers business.

  20. josh says:

    To Drew 101. Yes, I guess you could say I am bringing my PERSONAL feelings into it. My counties elected officials are PERSONAL as they work for ME, the Taxpayer. I personally don’t know Charles well enough to say I have a personal relationship with him. I know him, and his family from a point of speaking when I see him, and the normal “chit chat.” However, I would say that everyone who has posted his or her concerns about the office moving would be taking it PERSONALLY, seeing as how this is not right. You cannot keep personal and county business separate when you are attempting to run county government from your personal office. I am sure all of our elected officials would like to move their offices to a place that is more comfortable and convenient for them, but do you see this happening? As to Monticello Citizen, watch the video. He plainly stated he would be moving the office and that he would be foolish to quit his accounting practice to handle the county position full time. How did he mean anything different than what he said? It’s right there coming out of his mouth!

    The bottom line is that Charles Searcy is trying to do what is best and easiest for him, which in tells moving this office. This isn’t what is best for County government. The County Clerk, Collector and Judge interact with the Treasurer on a daily basis. Are they supposed to track him down when he isn’t across the street to have him sign Warrants for bills, or checks? Why should the other County officials have to hunt for him, just because he doesn’t want to do a full time job, which he ran for, from a location he doesn’t like? The people need to wake up. Good person or bad person, I don’t care. Bottom line, he’s doing this for what’s in it for him! That is wrong!

  21. Tonya Loveless says:

    To RE DREW101 & JOSH says: Please note Mr Searcy is running for the Treasurer’s position and not the Drew County Tax Collector. Even though these 2 offices will be greatly linked, they are seperate. Just stating this for the record so that there will not be additional confusion on the offices being discussed. Thanks, Tonya Loveless, Executive Collector.

  22. ME says:

    Give him a chance, you may be surprised by what he will do for taxpayers. And if you are so concerned about the job getting done why didn’t you run for the position?

  23. Re: Tonya says:

    I am so sorry for that it was not intended in anyway just a mistake as I was typing. To Drew County I meant Treasurer NOT Collector. Tonya Loveless is the one for Tax Collector so make sure you support her in the upcoming elections. Sorry for the listing the wrong office. Good Luck Mrs. Loveless

  24. LJ says:

    OK, Lets make this simple, we have a job that pays 30K with benefits available. If anyone would like to apply put your name in the hat. Simple enough right. Well we got one name left in the hat. Congrats Mr. Searcy you got the job. Now the way I see it is I,m a contractor, just because I get the job doesn’t mean I’m going to do the work, it means I’ll make sure it gets done. When it gets done i get paid. When you hire a lawyer how much of the work does he or she actually do. Folks if you dont think he has done a fine job at the end of his term vote him out. And If you are just jealous of the way he has made a living put your name in the stinking hat. Thats the way this country works. Another thing , look at the glass half full for a while. Makes life more enjoyable.

  25. Monticello Citizen says:

    Josh- I can see that you “paraphrase” different than the truth already…. If you go back and read my first post I Clearly said ” I find it hard to believe that Charles said he will only work an hour a year…I did not go back and review the videos but I am certain that wasn’t what he meant with that statement if that is what was said. ” So I’m sorry you misunderstood that. I was not commenting on the location. I can certainly see the concerns regarding him juggling 2 jobs. I bet that he is aware of both jobs and has a plan on how he is going to handle them both. Let’s be supportive!

  26. josh says:

    My apologies, concerned citizen. He didn’t say that he would only work an hour a year, he said that was all he was required by law to work. Why would he be looking at that, or even bringing it up for that matter? He should be committed to the job rather it be an hour a year, or 2,088 hours per year.

    Sure he thinks he can handle it. He is going to assign it one of his girls downstairs and when there needs to be an official present, he will jump in. So, which one of his girls downstairs is going to handle it? Will it be assigned to one, or will it be, as I am told, the policy of Searcy in the past, to bounce it around from employee to employee where we have no idea who is handling our business? Will the County have to pay his accounting staff employee a salary for handling the counties business as well, or will Charles take part of his salary to pay her? Trust me, the County will get stuck with a bill from Searcy somewhere.

    Bottom line, again, is that Charles is wanting to do what is best for Charles and not the people of Monticello and Drew County!

  27. Lets get the facts says:

    I’m not really concerned with all the “drama” that is apparent in some of these comments. I just want the facts. It appears to me that we have the same situation in other areas of city/county government. How many judges through the years still continued with their full time legal practice in addtion to their elected position, still recieving full salary and benefits. Its been my understanding that even bond hearings have been conducted in their “private practice” offices. Would this not be similiar? Seems to me that the “Barkada” event happened some time ago, could it be that his ideas have changed? I’m also surpised at how much attention this ONE elected office is generating… honestly people how many of you actually know where the treasurer office is… or better yet who our current treasurer is? I PERSONALLY feel that we should all be grateful that a CPA wants to even bother with being the County Treasurer. I’ve lived in Drew County my entire life, and have heard of Searcy & Associates, in fact I’ve seen their sponsorship of a lot of school functions as well as helping charitable organizations, but I had no idea they were considered a “name” as “josh” so suggests in a previous post. And that sounds very prejudiced if you ask me. To sum it up… I’m glad we will be having a CPA as the Treasurer. I think its fantastic! I’m sure that Mr. Searcy will be able to provide good quality work. As for moving the office, let’s just let Mr. Searcy have an opportunity to do the work and go from there. Congratulations Mr. Searcy!

  28. Unreal says:

    If he is allowed to work in his office instead of at the courthouse I hope other county employees request to do the same thing. I think it would be a lawsuit if they are told no after allowing him to do that but not allowing another employee the same benefit. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had an office at their house and instead of going to the courthouse daily they could handle all their job duties right from the comfort of their home or handle it while doing another job if they wanted to do that. Only in Monticello this is absurd to even consider an elected official being able to move an office out of the courthouse.

  29. Conservator voter says:

    Seems a lot of Democrats are upset that their candidate withdrew. Give Charles Searcy a chance. If he fails, the Republicans will offer their own replacement in 2 years. If he succeeds, we should all be happy!

  30. Monticello Citizen says:

    Well said, “Let’s get the facts”! I couldn’t agree more!!!

  31. Answer to Let's Get the Facts says:

    If you are talking about District Court Judges, this is entirely different. I am quoting this as not to compare apples and oranges: The remainders of the state’s district courts are designated as local district courts. Local district courts are served by part-time judges who may engage in the private practice of law. Local district courts have territorial jurisdiction as established by the General Assembly, most of which is county wide. Their subject matter jurisdiction includes misdemeanors and violations of state law and local ordinances, preliminary felony cases and civil cases involving contracts, damage to and recovery of personal property in matters less than $5,000. A small claims division also exists in local district courts.”

    An elected county office that he designated as a full time job is something entirely difdferent. Maybe the Circuit clerk wants to work part-time out of the house. The Sherrif? The County Judege?

  32. Billie G says:

    Go to, and read the statute Section 14-14-1307. Which reads as follows: Offices: (a) The county court shall determine the location of the office of the various county, county quorum court district, and township officers.

    Contact your J.P. representative and let them know how you feel about this issue. The J.P.’s are elected to represent your voice and concerns, but can only do so if you tell them what your concerns are.

  33. Arlene Russell says:

    i am confident Charles Searcy will serve as Drew County Treasurer under the laws of the State of Arkansas. I haven’t looked up the law but it is available on the Arkansas State site online.

    Anyone can attend a Quorum Court meeting and ask the county attorney to clarify questions about moving the office and records into a private business instead of the county court house.

    In fact it is a good idea for everyone to know what the qualifications for elected positions are within the counties of Arkansas. i think the standards set by the state might surprise most voters. I was surprised to find candidates for sheriff did not have to have law enforcement backgrounds.

    It could be the standards for Treasurer don’t require a C.P.A. and that Searcy is overqualified.

  34. me says:

    Charles Searcy is qualified for the position. He would never have ran for office if he didn’t know he could handle the work load of both the office and his business. From the comments here the only problem with him holding the office is where he will be sitting. We aren’t talking about him being at home stretched on the sofa in front of the tv when he isn’t in the office he will be across the street. Would you rather he be sitting in the courthouse reading a book when he didn’t have work? I feel he will be very accommidating to all taxpayers and officials that need him. So why not wait and see how he does the job before you try to tar and feather him. There are some trying to turn the whole county against him for their own personal pleasure and it has nothing to with the position or how the job will be done.

  35. Lee Pinkus says:

    What diffrence does it make? I see county cars all over, not just the courthouse. If the man does a job and does in an hour what it took the last person to do in a year, he should be commended! I seriously doubt he will charge for electricity, maintaining his property and the like. This is a savings for the county. Obviously, every detraction has been mentioned, but what about the positives? How many people use their own money and assets to further the community? I know of no other elected official that does this to this extent. If you dont like the job he performs then you can oppose him. Its that simple. There are plenty of qualified people that are retired or on unemplyment. Dont beat the man up for wanting to work, question why others don’t want the job. Michael would have done the job and I have no doubt Charlie will. Have your accountant run next time, if you like him better.

  36. Denise Frost says:

    WOW!!! Im just reading all of this for the first time and I can personally tell you, as a worker in the Courthouse for 11 years and as an elected official for 12 years that, I personally, feel that for the benefit of the elected officials and workers of those officials, that it SHOULD NOT be moved from the Courthouse. I did not work on a daily basis with the Treasurer’s office BUT I did need them on MANY occasions for different situations, especially during the months that I was preparing the Assessor’s budget. An official does not know what circumstances may arise that they need an immediate answer to something that only the Treasurer has knowledge of. The Treasurer IS an ELECTED position and the person that has the priviledge of holding that office should be holding “that office” in the County Courthouse, as it has always been. It has been my experience that a “taxpayer” wants to come into the Courthouse or into an individual office and see a “face”……knowing that someone is in there taking care of that taxpayers needs or just being in the office they were elected into. It IS why that person was voted into that “position” to began with.

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