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Birthday Celebration for Daniel Harville “Baby D” Planned for Sunday

June 24th, 2012 by

Submitted by Daniel’s Grandmother.

Everyone is invited to stop by and wish Daniel a happy birthday to join us at Calveay Baptist Church Sunday June 24, 2012 from 2:00 till 4:00. There will be refreshments and also a space walk. So if you would like to see for yourself what a MIRACLE looks like then come on by.

I thank you all again and most of all I thank the family who gave my grandson the gift of life. Please keep the donor family in your prayers. And if you are not an organ donor please become one, there is no greater gift.

Here is a summary of what this strong little trooper has endured so much the first 2 years of his life.

Daniel was born June 22, 2010. Shortly after we found out some very scarey and heart breaking news. He was born with hirschsprung, and only one kidney. Hirschsprung is a very rare disease, No ganglion nerves developed in the large or small intestine, meaning the instestines did not work. He had many surgeries starting at about 7 days old. The following May he was diagnoised with Hepstoblastoma, a rare liver cancer. Yep you guessed it, this grandmothers world was not only turned upside down but also sideways. He was sent to Omaha, Nebraska for a transplant. To be honest, this was a situation that was much larger than I could wrap my mind around. But it was not larger than the awesome God we serve or this loving community could. I can not put into words how much I thank each and every one who worked, contributed and prayed for Daniel as he and his family faced a very unknown future. And I must tell you your prayers not only were answered for Daniel but also for this grandmother who watched my only child watch his only child fight for his little life. This is proof our God hears our prayers and holds us in his loving arms. Then the night came that I recieved a call that was more emotional than I can explaine. I answered the phone and I heard “Mom we got the call, Daniel is having a transplant in the morning. OK talk about emotional, I coud not get my breath, I did not know if I should cry, jump up and down, but then a feeling of bitter sweet came over me. Thats the only way I can explain it. So the next day, our BIG D got the gift of life on June 3, 2011. He recieved a Liver, Pancreas, and small intestines.

On June 6, 2012 Daniel was at Omaha again for his 1 year check up. He is doing GREAT as far as his transplant goes. Thank you to everyone from around the nation who prayed, God heard everyone and Daniel is living proof, God is still in the miracle working business. Now we do have another hurdle to jump but through prayer I have no doubt God will again show us what he will do for Daniel. He goes to the Neurologist in July for a chronic facial pain disorder known as Triginemal Neuralgia. Please keep those prayers going and I Thank God in advance for his healing hands taking Daniels pain away.

7 Responses to “Birthday Celebration for Daniel Harville “Baby D” Planned for Sunday”

  1. Jana Wright says:

    I am so grateful to God to hear how well Daniel is doing. Although you
    do not know me nor I you, when I read about Daniel my heart was touched. I have said my prayers for him you can bet! I will continue and may God continue to bless him and your family.

  2. DeShundra says:

    What a mighty God we serve angles bow before him heaven and earth adore him. What a mighy God we serve. Thank you for sharing this very inspirational story with us. Anyone reading this if they don’t believe in God then they shoud after reading this. I will be praying for your him. God bless each of you!!

  3. Jamie Andrews says:

    I am grateful to hear how well Daniel is doing. I have been fallowing his story for a while and watched as he grew. We do serve an awesome God and I know he will continue to keep his arms around Daniel, and i just want to say Happy Birthday Baby D!! I will continue to pray for him and the whole family and may God continue to bless you all!!!

  4. Angela Purifoy says:

    Such an inspiring, and inspirational story-I do not know any of you but my prayers are with you all. I cannot imagine the fear that you have felt. I myself have always beleived in organ donation and am signed up as an organ donor. So many people need organs, and their lives could be saved. What a blessing the donors family has been to give so unselfishly of themselves to help your precious baby. And the donor theirselves will always be this child’s guiding angel. I pray for this precious babys immediate healing and may he continue to have only good days, praise our Father in Heaven for none of it would be possible without him, we have an almighty God… and your little one is precious and living proof. Happy Birthday sweetie.. God bless you all..

  5. Megan B says:

    Such a heart touching and inspirational story, what a mighty God we have!! Ive been reading his stories along the way and hes such a strong little hero, May God continue to wrap his arms around baby D and his love ones providing them with strength,comfort and courage

  6. Jonathan H. says:

    I don’t know daniel or his family and really didn’t know about his story until reading this today. The reason I read this was I went to Drew Memorial this morning to have my weekly post kidney transplant bloodwork done and was in line behind this very happy and brave young man. Daniel was having his blood drawn and didn’t shed a tear or make a noise during this event. I know grown adults that make a bigger fuss about having blood drawn than this brave young man. I just wanted to wish Daniel a Happy Birthday and point out how many people you meet each day have been given the gift of continued life through the organ donation program. God bless you all…

  7. Brianna Cheyenne says:

    His Birthday IS Comming Up once Again(: !!… Its right Around the corner(: !!…

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