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Crossett Murder / Kidnapping / Bank Robbery Suspect Gets Life Without Parole, 40 Years & 3 Life Sentences

March 4th, 2011 by

Peter Harvey is shown leaving the Drew County Courthouse after an earlier hearing for the Crossett Capitol Murder of Donna Woodberry, and the armed robbery of a First National Bank branch..

According to, 10th Judicial District Circuit Judge Sam Pope sentenced a Louisiana man to the maximum sentence for six felony counts in connection with the July 1, 2010, kidnaping and murder of Donna Woodberry and subsequent armed robbery of the North Crossett branch of First National Bank of Crossett in Ashley County Circuit Court Thursday afternoon.

For the full story, see


Peter Harvey waived extradition on Friday, and was transported to Arkansas on Monday.

His first appearance and bond hearings were held at noon Tuesday, at the Drew County Courthouse, before he was transported back to the Ashley County Jail.

Harvey is charged with the capital murder of Donna Woodberry, and the armed robbery of First National Bank’s North Crossett branch.

Harvey, who gave his home address as Opelousas, LA, was denied bond, and appointed a public defender from the state defender’s office.

Family member’s of Ms. Woodberry were present, wearing t-shirts that said, “Gone, but not forgotten.”


Possted Juloy 13, 2010

Final Suspect in Crossett Murder / Bank Robbery Arrested

The last of the 3 suspects on the Crossett bank robbery / murder case has been arrested.

Kendell Clifton Nickelson, 26, tunred nimself into authorities in Texas, Monday.


Posted July 10, 2010

Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police and Ashley County Sheriff’s Deputies have identified a second suspect believed to be directly connected to the kidnapping and murder of a Crossett woman and the subsequent robbery of a North Crossett bank which occurred last Thursday (July 1st).

Law enforcement authorities in both Arkansas and Mississippi are searching for Kendell Clifton Nickelson, 26, who was last known to reside in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

Nickelson is described as a black male, 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighing approximately 160 pounds. Agents believe Nickelson may be driving a 2002 white Cadillac Escalade. This is the same vehicle identified earlier in a State Police news release associated with the identification of Peter Keith Harvey who was arrested Wednesday in Opelousas, Louisiana.

Nickelson should be considered armed and dangerous.

If anyone has information about Nickelson or knows of his whereabouts, they should contact the Arkansas State Police or the Ashley County Sheriff’s Department.


Posted July 9, 2010

2 of 3 Crossett Murder / Robbery Suspects Arrested Thursday

According to Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler, Louisiana police have arrested a male suspect wanted in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a Crossett woman and the subsequent robbery of a North Crossett bank which occurred last Thursday. reports that Crossett Police have arrested a 30 year old Crossett woman, Thursday afternoon, as well.

Peter Keith Harvey, 41, and Adrianne Green are shown here.


Posted July 2, 2010

Bank Robbery & Murder in Crossett – Murder Victim Identified – Stolen Vehicle Recovered

According to, authorities have recoverd the stolen Nissan Altima (with a UAM sticker in the rear windshield) which was used as a get-away vehicle, Thursday, after an armed robbery of North Crossett’s First National Bank branch, but are still looking for two black males in connection with the robbery and shooting death of woman.

According to Arkansas State Police, the murder victim has been identified as Donna J. Woodberry, 58, of Crossett.

The car was stolen from a local residence where the vehicle was taken and Woodberrywas abducted.  She was shot and killed before the two men robbed the bank branch.

Arkansas State Police, Crossett Police, and the Ashley County Sheriff’s Dept. are investigating the case

Anyone with information is asked to call the state police at 226-3713.

For more informaiton, see the website.

37 Responses to “Crossett Murder / Kidnapping / Bank Robbery Suspect Gets Life Without Parole, 40 Years & 3 Life Sentences”

  1. blessed says:

    PRAY PRAY you never think things like this happens in small towns but we now know they do,

  2. NAN CARTER says:

    Goodness!! Crossett’s my hometown!! You can most certainly bet that we’ll be watching out for this car!! I hate that one person lost their life because of this.. my prayers go out to the family of the one who lost their life!! DO THEY HAVE THE LICENSE NUMBER OF THIS CAR? I LIVE IN MONTICELLO AND IF IT HAS A UAM STICKER..WE’LL BE WATCHING FOR IT!!

  3. possumfabulouse says:

    now thats scary, i pray for all the victims and their familys involved. and i hope they catch the monsters involved and they fry for it.

  4. Anne Summitt says:

    I can’t believe that this has happened to my home town.. I’m so sad.. God bless that poor lady’s family.. I have been in deep prayer since I heard. I hope that they catch them and nail there butt’s to the wall. It really takes someone with out a soul to do something like that.. Please Lord be with these police officers as they are out looking for these demons..

  5. Vasco's Progeny says:

    Lord Jesus, be with the Officers who have answered this call. Father may your goodness and mercy surely be with them as they protect innocence.

  6. alice dodson says:

    I hope your Officers find these guys soon. You have the best Officers there in AR, so it will happen. I pray for their safety as these Officers now have their lives on the line to protect more people from harm.
    So sorry for innocent loss of life. This is absolutely horrible.

  7. Jennifer says:

    According to KATV, they ditched the car 2 miles from the bank. This is horrific and I pray that these monsters are caught and put under the prison for this. Live by the gun, die by the gun.

  8. Jenn says:

    Is there a description of the men that are running?? We could all be watching for them!!

  9. Worried says:

    This is definately something we could say “hits close to home”. I will be praying for the families of not only the victim, but the families of the officers who are risking their lives trying to find these suspects. My heart belongs to a police officer and I have many friends who are officers. Too many policemen are being shot and killed recently! I am constantly worried that when my officer goes to work, he won’t make it home. So please keep our law enforcement in your prayers! Sorry to hear about this!

  10. Mike says:

    They both need to die die die

  11. Vasco's Progeny says:

    Folks, if you are qualified to do so, arm yourself. Get a well-made firearm, get good training and arm yourself. Life is too short not to.

  12. IRENE DUCKERY says:

    It’s so sad to hear of such of a horrific crime, there in Crossett, AR where my daughter, and several other close relatives lives. Sometimes we can get so comfortable, because of some of the small towns that are back in the south, and think nothing of this magnitude could ever happen in such a small town like Crossett, but it can happen anywhere. By living in very small towns, It’s the perfect place, for any strangers that’s passing through to commit crimes like these, and continue on there way. I live in California now but raised in Wilmot Arkansas, and use to hearing crimes like these being done out here in CA, but I plea with everyone back down south, stay vigilant, and watch your surroundings, because in this days and times now, people will do just about anything now a day. My prayers are with the family of the victim, and I pray that the law enforcement will subdue the suspect in this awful crime.

  13. Vasco's Progeny says:

    Not only do you need to be watchful, you need to be prepared to defend yourself. Sometimes, 911 is not an option.

  14. kimmie says:

    This is absolutely horrible. I am praying for this family. My son and his family live in Crossett and also a nephew. Lord I pray they find these demons very soon. I live in small town also and bad things are happening everywhere.

  15. FED UP says:

    the prisons are full and these slim know it . Would bet they’ve spent time there. maybe it’s time to try something different for them use your imagination. If we all had one strapped to our legs it would have to make a difference. Our society is devolving and will continue until we stand up and stop it well you cant stop it but definetly slow it down. If nothing is done I tell now that it’s only going to get worse can you imagine hordes of these beings roaming around. To many people and not enough jobs. GOD PLEASE BE WITH THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIM AND OFFICERS AND THE FAMILIES OF THE TWO WHO DONE THIS THEY SUFFER TOO .

  16. Vasco's Progeny says:

    The brave men and women in Law Enforcement are doing their jobs and doing them well. Perhaps we will go back to valuing innocence over guilt some day and place our priorities where they belong instead of bowing to liberal judges who think they know more than God. Ultimately, this all comes down to sin. We have turned out back on God. We kicked God out of our public schools and Glock came in. We replaced daily prayer with police officers who walk the halls. We have listened to the “enlightened minority” in this nation long enough. It is time to repent as a nation and get back to our Biblical roots. You, I, the Woodberry family and this nation need prayer now. We need to act on that prayer as well.

  17. LaChendara Grasper says:

    I live in Biloxi and was on my way to Baltimore when I was told about the murder an robbery. I graduated from crossett high and Know the victim and family. They will be in my thoughts an prayers.

  18. Armed citizen says:

    I have been legally armed for about a year. The process for concealed carry was a worthwhile investment. People died for our right to protect ourself and that should not go in vane.

    It is unreasonable to think that the police can protect us everywhere all the time. They do a wonderful job but just can’t protect us all.

    If the ignorant thugs thought potential victims were armed, they would think a litte harder before attacking. You notice that they didn’t attack Jim bob with the in the window of his pickup. They are cowards.

    Join me. I am armed to protect myself, my family, you and you family too. It’s not just a right, it’s a responcibility.

  19. Armed citizen says:

    By the way I forgot to add Jim bob has a twelve gauge in his window of his truck.

  20. Cassandra says:

    Its horrible. The world has turned into nothing but wanna-be thugs. Honestly what did killing that poor lady do for them? Mabye a diversion. They should get the electric chair for this. Stupidity. God will punish these stupid wanna-be gangsters.

  21. Another Armed Citizen says:

    An armed society is a polite society.

    There have been alot of good comments made above. These thugs WILL be caught and punished accordingly. But, if that poor lady had been more prepared when strangers came through her door this may have had a different outcome. She DID put up a fight, but 1 unarmed lady against 2 armed thugs is not enough.

    Get trained, go through the legal process to possess a firearm, and have a plan. Pray for the family of Ms. Woodberry, and of course, the officers that serve and protect.

  22. Nana says:

    What these two animals (they do not deserve to be called men) did was as foul a deed as I’ve heard of in a long time. To grab an innocent woman in front of her own home, kidnap her, and slaughter her is murder most foul. It’s a miracle more people in the bank weren’t killed by these scumbags. These two ,armed with an AK47, taking an older lady out and savagely killing her will stop at nothing and have not one shred of decency or humanity in their bodies. They are as dangerous as rabid dogs and should be treated accordingly. If anyone has any idea of who these two are, please do the right thing and call the law. Even if you know them or are kin to them, neither you, nor anyone else is safe as long these jackals are on the prowl.

  23. Rev. Maurice Belin says:

    The Bible teaches that Life is filled with swift transitions, therefore, we should all totally surrender our lives to Jesus and trust that He will protect us. My heart and prayers go out to all who are involved and ask the no one allow dear to set up in your heart regarding this situation. Fear is one of the main gates in which the enemy (devil) uses to enter our souls, so close that gate and keep it closed. Crossett is also my hometown, though I have lived in Seattle the past 29 years I am still deeply involved and connected. I pray for the clergy of Crossett and surrounding areas come together for a time of revival and renewal (all colors and denominations) and allow this terrible thing that happened be the spring board towards unity in the community.

  24. Unknown says:

    I heard the Feds was in crosset….so it shouldn’t be that hard of a case…..they couldve at least let the 58yr women live

  25. ME says:

    My heart goes out to her family. I know her brother, from what i have been told she was the sweetest lady anyone has ever met, and i hope that the ones that did it, get what they deserve. That was cruel and to be honest pretty dang stupid. There are some ignorant people in this world. I usually dont judge people i leave that up to the big guy up there, but Whoever did it, deserved the maximun punishment there is. That lady didnt deserve that nor does her family deserve to have to go through this. Just like Nana said please if you know who done this or has an idea please contact the Crosset, Monticello, Dumas, Starcity, Warren, Police Dept wherever you are at PLEASE. They need your help to catch these idots. This lady and her family deserve justice.

  26. Tina N. says:

    I pray that God will be with the officers.

  27. Jennifer says:

    Dang!!! He looks like a nice guy! You cant juge a book by its cover!!!!

  28. former crossett resident says:

    i hope justice will prevail

  29. Carmillia Bivens says:

    So glad that they have caught @ least 2 of them. 2 down and 1 more to go. God is Good!

  30. leroy says:

    hard to believe the second one is a woman looks like a man.great job finding them.them 2 will take and they will find the other.

  31. Nan Carter says:


  32. Mr. Carpenter says:

    Wow. The dude has a big grin on his face like he’s the perfect, stand up citizen.

  33. Hamburg Resident says:

    Oftentimes, the picture of a suspect that is published, is not their “mug shot.” Clearly, Ms. Green’s photo is the one taken by the police at the time she was booked. Harvey’s picture was published by media prior to his arrest, therefore it is probably his driver’s license photo. The prosecutor will waive the death penalty in Green’s case because she provided info on the other suspects. Because juries are easily influenced and sympathetic, she probably won’t even get life without parole, but when I read in the paper today that she took food to the Woodberry home and consoled her family going so far as to say, if there was anything she could do and “money is no object,” that showed me that she has a personality flaw that makes her dangerous to society and she should be put away for the rest of her miserable life. The two other thugs should be put to death via the express lane!

  34. mary says:

    if they would go by , eye for a eye, kill they ,dont let the thugs seat in jail, got color tv ,ac, food for years, the woman got put into the ground, maybe one day they will change the law!!!think about it.

  35. Lauren says:

    Way to go to all of the police force that brought these criminals in!

  36. msb says:

    sad!!!! I hope they FRY the wanta be thugs!!!!

  37. Jazzy says:

    So forty years and life sentences to feed, clothe, house and give medicaL care to someone who murders. The criminal system is a joke sometimes. They need executing. And don’t give me the “it cost a million dollars to execute someone” song. It is still worth it.

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