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Atwoods Ranch & Home – Now Open

March 9th, 2012 by


Since the “Coming Soon” sign was posted in September, local residents have been looking forward to Atwood’s opening for the products they carry, as well as the estimated 30-40 jobs the retail chain brings to Monticello. 

Atwoods Ranch & Home” opened this morning with a “soft opening’ and will hold their Grand Opening in the near future, since more merchandise is still arriving.

Atwoods is a retail chain that operates 46 stores in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas.

The stores generally operated 7 days/week, and carry clothing, tools, hardware, lawn & garden, sporting goods, and pet supplies.


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26 Responses to “Atwoods Ranch & Home – Now Open”

  1. hobbitt says:

    “added jobs for Monticello’s ecomony is a great benefit.”

    Possibly. Stores themselves, normally, do not bring money into a town.
    Monticello is fortunate that many people from outside the area come to town to spend their money according to an Ark Dem Gazette article.
    Larger stores have the ability to remove customers from smaller local businesses.
    However, if they offer products not to found locally, that would be helpful.

  2. yeah i am so glad this will help

  3. hoemtowngirl says:

    Glad to see something coming into Monticello instead of going out!! Make em welcome!!! No matter what the store or the size we NEED this here!!!

  4. welcome to drew county we need you

  5. HI THERE says:


  6. Finally says:

    I’m soooo glad to hear this! I know LOTS of people who drive to Crossett to shop there, which means money that COULD have been spent here. Luckily, they stay open later and open every day of the week. The problem with the ‘smaller local businesses’ that are here now, is that they ALL close at 5pm during the week and all are closed on Sundays. How do mom and pop businesses expect to MAKE money, if they are not willing to be open when working people can shop outside of their lunches? And really?! Why bother opening for a half day on Saturday? They must not need the business that bad if they’re not willing to be open when the chain stores are. It’s all about convenience and if the local business need the business that bad, they should be open at a convenient time for me to shop. I’m not spending a dime here at a local business when I have to sprint from work to get there before it closes to buy something. NO THANK YOU! Not only would Atwoods give people more shopping options, but would offer evening jobs for the teenagers here who actually WANT to work.

  7. jeff says:

    WOW. I love going to Atwoods. This will be good for consumers at least.

  8. Recia says:

    Local business owners deserve time home with their families… They shouldn’t have to stay open till 5 on Saturday after they have M-F.. Most small biz are locally owned AND operated.

    I hope this doesn’t ruin the farm store :(

  9. Walter Chapman says:

    Hey! that’s good news. Not only a new business but that old building and parking lot will finally be occupied. Atwood’s have several lines of farm and home products not found here locally. Good luck Atwood’s and welcome to Drew County!!

  10. dipnet says:

    Attwood’s is like a Walmart for country folks and will be a really big deal for Monticello. It’s a great store and will by itself draw LOTs of folks from Bradley, Cleveland, Lincoln and Chicot into Drew County. That will help all the other stores in Monticello from the secondary shopping.

  11. outsider says:

    it”s about time.that business is going to get better in monticello i dont know about atwood but I will be ther in the am

  12. sue says:

    yea this is good news sure you will make it just like walgreens and people said they would never make it monticello

  13. chris bradley says:

    Recia,nobody said owning a mom and pop shop was easy.If you want to contend with the big boys,you have to stay open the same way the big boys do.I fell bad for the mom and pop shop,but if your not willing to take the next step,they should not be in business anyway.Nothing comes easy!!

  14. hobitt says:

    If I may.
    Finally has some very valid points that I must agree with.

    I believe it is a good thing for Monticello overall that a business comes to this town, believing in its potential for growth.

  15. Legend says:

    While I think it is a good that Atwoods is coming to Monticello, it is probably going to hurt Barton’s and the farm supply store, especially if Atwoods prices are lower. Just wish we could get some manufacturing plants into Monticello.

  16. Happy says:

    Yea!!! I can hardly wait; bring it on. I love shopping at Atwoods now I won’t have to travel out of town; been making special trips to Crossett to buy what I need.

  17. R Taylor says:

    Cannot wait! I love Atwoods and it will definately be worth the drive from Warren – better than driving to Crossett or to Tractor Supply in Little Rock

  18. Stacy Cater says:

    There are things I get at Drew Farm that I haven’t seen at Atwood’s in Crossett. I will go to both stores.

  19. TickledPink says:

    Welcome to Monticello Atwoods! I see where alot of folks are worried about the smaller, locally owned businesses being hurt by Atwoods coming to town- our “mom and pop” places have faithful followers who will continue doing business with them- as for their hours of operation, well thats up to them (as well as the prices they set)…for those of us who need things when those places are already closed for the day or the weekend we will be able to get the things we are unable to get due to OUR work schedules..I love Atwoods and shop there every chance I get because of the wide variety of items they carry that the average Wal-Mart doesn’t. We cant get EVERYTHING in one store no matter where we shop (though it would be great to be able to do exactly that). Don’t happy that we have this new business coming and don’t knock them because they will have what others won’t- Welcome to town Redneck Wal-Mart!!

  20. Jim A. Hall says:

    I have been an Atwoods customer since 1982. Have lived in several towns were we had an Atwoods. Other feed stores remained, just had to adjust their prices a bit. This should save us a bundle on feed costs. Still wished a TSC would open up. The competition would be good for Monticello!

  21. Barbara McElroy says:

    So very glad to see another business coming to Monticello. I have been going to Crossett to their Atwoods. I am glad to see that this building is going to be used again instead of setting there ruining. We need to put all the other stores to good use that are vacant instead of building more and letting them just set there.

  22. 3 cents says:

    Finally!!! Maybe the Farm Store will have to lower prices to stay competitive. Some of their stuff is really high, but at the same time, some of the stuff that appears the same at Atwoods is really a cheaper made material too.
    But it will be great, we need more jobs and more business to come in. This town is struggling, no “good” jobs that pay worth a darn.
    You either grow or die, maybe this will kick up some Grow!!!

  23. Joe says:

    Some healthy competition is not going to hurt Monticello at all. The variety and new items that Atwood”s will offer will be welcome. As far as the local stores not being open on weekends and closing at noon on Saturday, maybe they do not need the business. If the locals do need or want more business, a little planning and scheduling on the management’s part would allow them some more business. These locals probably just do not want to pay the extra wages to keep their businesses open the extra hours. You know how the business owners think in this town. They want employees to work for free. It’s the privilege of having a job. Welcome Atwood’s !!

  24. happy1 says:

    Congratulations, Josh! You will do a great job! Welcome to Monticello Atwoods!

  25. suzzie says:

    thank the lord who cares if the farm store suffers ?????? the stopee credit because some people would not pay their bills we paid our bill first of every month they punished goood paying costmers just some would not pay all ican say is they lost a good costmer goog luck farm store or should i say googby ?????? huray atwoods

  26. WHAT says:

    Wow, only one out 24 comments was negative. Outstanding job to the whole community. To the one and only negative comment.
    Owning your own business is not something one should be doing in hopes of working between kid drop off and kid pick up. You must be open when the customers are shopping. This is why most small businesses in the area go away rather than stay. Also why most contractors in the area are always short on cash. Gotta actually show up at the job everyday, not just on the days you need to pay a bill.

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