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Hurricane Isaac – Left Over Photos & Thoughts

September 1st, 2012 by

With Hurricane Isaac’s final clouds leaving Drew County, Friday, all we have left of the storm is the memory of 4-8 inches of rain,
and French Toast (since we all buy milk, bread, and eggs whenever there is a storm coming).

There are a few photos left to post, like the “white-capping waves” at Lake Monticello, and

several large trees down, like this one that fell on Rose Hill Cut-Off Road,

some casuing power outages. These out of state power crews were on HWY 278 West, Friday.

Seval homes, roofs, and out buildings sustained wind damage, like this barn on Pine Creek lane.
Thanks to the MLive readers who sent in photos.

MPD Chief Eddy Deaton and Captain Carlos Garcia dressed in rain gear,

and Thursday’s MPD dispatchers found “fashion rubber boots” in style.

Since I posted the last two photos, I promised them I’d include this one.
“The MonticelloLive Guy” in his “Weather Channel Moment”.

Now its time to pick up the limbs out of the yard……

FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS have been issued for Northern Drew County, and surrounding area, after more heavy rains is forecast for that area, after up to 2 inches in the past hour.  Pars of Bradley, Cheveland, and Calhoune Counties are also included. 

Schwanns Truck Stuck on Shoulder, Trying to Pass Fellen Tree on Midway Rt.

Car wrecks and rain kept first responders and law enforcement busy, Thursday.  Fallen trees and downed power lines took over in the evening hours. 

Monticello received 3 inches of rain, Thursday, with at least an inch forecast overnight, and another inch (or more) for Friday.  Rain is predicted for Saturday, just not as much.

Local rainfall total report 4.4 inches near Hyatt Field, and 5.9 inches near Greenhill.

Please remember, as you drive, hydroplaning has caused several local wrecks, and the chance of you encountering fallen trees or tree limbs are greater than any other day in the past year, due to the strong wind, and water-logged root systems.

As trees and limbs fall, the efforts that local city and county workers have made preparing for the storms will prove useful.  Road crews are on call, with vehicles, tools, back-hoes, and chainsaws fueled up and readly to go.

Fallen Tree at Museum

Monticello crews have pre-staged “4 way stop signs” where stop-lights may lose power, generators at the city’s water wells were tested, so the water supply will not be affected , if power fails.

Police and deputies are all on duty, or on call, and dispatchers have been doubled, during the storm, to take the additional calls that bad weather brings.

Entergy repair crews put in long hours, Thursday, especially since Entergy has teams from 24 states working in Louisiana.  Remember, Entergy’s phone number to report power failures is 1-800-9 OUTAGE.

 Be careful: be safe: and send any interesting weather related photos to, so everyone can see the photos, without the risks involved in “sightseeing”. will be updated throughout the day, Friday, so check back for updated reports.

Fox 16 Covers Monticello Storms
August 31, 2012

Fox 16’s David Goins is shown here, covering an electrical fire on East Shelton St., Thursday, caused by a limb falling on a power line.

KARK Channel 4 was also in Monticello, covering the power outages, from the UAM campus.


Tropical Depression Isaac Soaking Drew County; 4-8 More Inches Rain Expected – 4 pm Update
August 30, 2012

Flash Flood Warnings and Strong Wind Advisories from, Tropical Depression Isaac has been drenching Drew County since this morning, with a constant, pouring rain.  Although it has been continuous, it hasn’t caused any severe flash flooding issues.

Forecasters predict 4-8 MORE inches of rain by Monday, with 2-4 expectede daily.  Also 20-30 MPH winds likely be with us for the Labor Day weekend, as well.

Power outages have been occurring, but are being repaired as fast as possible by Entergy, who has workers from 24 states staged in Louisiana.  At 4 pm there are 320 customers without power.


Tropical Storm Isaac Entering Drew County – Expect Flooding This Morning – 8:30 Update
August 30, 2012

Drew and surrounding Counties are predicted to received up to 4 – 12 inches of rain, starting Thursday, Heavier locally rainfall is possible. Check back to MLive for local weather updates.

2-3 inches of rain are forecast for Drew County today, locally heavier in thunderstorm area.  Another 1-2 inches are expected tonight, with more on Friday.  Please remember that Isaaac has always brought more rainfall that predicted, due to it’s walking-pace speed.  Wind speeds, as well as powerful gusts are also increasing. locally.

According to the Weather Channel, in New Orleans, 1,600 residents have been rescued; 800 homes/businesses have been damaged or destroyed; and 3,100 other homes have been evacuated, by Wednesday night.

The  11 pm radar, shown below, shows the Isaac storm system entering Arkansas.  The phone shot, above, show it’s bands over Monticello at 4:30 am.  The top photo shows Monticello deeper into the bands that extend from the core of the storm system.

Multiple wrecks have been reported, due to slick roads, so please be careful. 

The cloud photo was taken Wednesday at dusk, here in Monticello. 

Tropical Storm Isaac Flooding Predicted for Drew County, This Morning – 11 pm Update
August 29, 2012

A total of 4-12 inches is predicted for the next two days, depending on which weather source you choose to follow.

Tropical Storm Isaac Flooding New Orleans – Flash Flooding Predicted for Drew County Thursday/Friday -6 pm update
August 29. 2012

Several more out-of-state license plates are being seen in town, as Isaac, now a tropical storm, continues to slowly move inland.  There are currently 700,000 electric customers without power, as the former hurricaine cover a 400 mile wide path across the Gulf of Mexico, during it’s landfall, and slow pace across Louisiana. Power crews from 24 states are responding, but must wait for windspeeds to drop below 30 MPH, before they can begin repairs.

Forecasts vary, as far as how much rain Drew County may receive, ranging from 4-12 inches, depending on which weather expert you trust.  But the downpour across our region should beding tomorrow morning, or around noon.

Hurricane Isaac Flooding New Orleans – Flash Flooding Predicted for Drew County Thursday/Friday
August 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac, due to it’s crawling pace, is causing damage across three states, especially near New Orleans.

Levee breeches have 5-10 feet of water in some homes, while 465,000 homes are without power.  Some limited mandatory evacuations have been ordered, as storm surge predictions of 6-12 feet are still predicted for the New Orleans area. 

Due to the huge storm system, Louisiana license plates continue to be seen at area stores and motels.

While calls to local motels continue to increase,  all contacted report there are still vacancies for Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Monroe, LA reports all rooms were booked up, as of last Monday, as travelers move northward, based on availability.

The risk of the after effects of Isaac could cause damage locally, depending on the speed and levels of rain that fall on Drew County, as it’s remnants pass through, at the end of the week. This could leave the well-planned assistance offered to out of state travelers could end up being of use to local residents. Once again, depending on Isaac.

Sheriff, Local Pastor, MLive, & Holiday Inn Tell KARK about Evacuee Support Plans
August 28, 2011

KARK Channel 4 was in Monticello, Monday, working on a story about how Monticello is preparing for the possible influx of displaced storm victims, whether because of Hurricane Isaac, or because of flooding caused by the storm system.

Sheriff Mark Gober, Pastor Zan Pierce, MLive’s Joe Burgess, and Holiday Inn Express’ Shiela Etheridge were interviewed in the video that showed all over the state of Arkansas.

Ministers & County Officials Meet to Discuss Hurricane Isaac & Evacuees
August 28, 2012
by Caleb Burger

In anticipation for Hurricane Isaac’s landfall, church leaders teamed up with Drew County officials Monday to discuss and plan how they can effectively assist the hurricane victims.

Hurricane Isaac should make landfall around Wednesday, Aug. 29 with winds up to 100 mph. The projected date happens to fall on the seven year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. The Weather Channel forecast rainfall at ten inches or more in some of the hardest hit areas, which raises concerns about flooding.

Drew County Judge Damon Lampkin said, “There’s no mandatory evacuation yet, but it’s best to be prepared in case we do need to set up housing.”

Due to Katrina, Gustav and other hurricanes in recent years, people in southern Louisiana may be more prone to evacuate. Immanuel Baptist Church Pastor Zan Pierce said the influx of people from Louisiana that may arrive in Monticello presents the biggest concern. Pierce said, “The weather there is going to impact us here.”

Other churches represented at the meeting included Oak Grove Assembly of God, First Assembly of God, Second Baptist, Calvary Baptist, Northside Baptist, Christ Church, and Enon Baptist Shady Grove, also recognized as an official shelter, also sent word of their support. The churches, fairgrounds, and the fire training center served as temporary homes for evacuees in the past and will serve that purpose again in the case of Isaac.

Fifteen recovery units serve the state of Ark. in case of disaster times by providing manual labor and chainsaws for down trees, shower units and food with Red Cross assistance. If other areas of the state remain safe, the recovery units located there can travel to Monticello to help with the relief.

As with Katrina, a mobile command unit located at McCloy Park will provide evacuees with a place to gain information on where to go and how to get the assistance they need.

Kyle Bryan of Enon Baptist Church said, “If you have to leave, you’re going to go back to where you were treated good and you felt safe.” He said in past experiences Monticello provided that to evacuees.

Although, in regards to the churches and others spending money to prepare, Bill Horn, emergency service manager, urged them to keep tabs on money they spend because until a declaration of emergency is made there will be no reimbursement. He said, “There’s a lot of expenses in this.”

In spite of the expenses, the churches still see this as a ministry opportunity.

Local Groups Prepare for Evacuees as Isaac Approaches Gulf Shores
August 27, 2012

As Tropical Storm / Hurricane Isaac continues to move toward the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, some Drew County  organizations are beginning to prepare for potentional evacuees, that may come to, or through, Monticello, as they seek safety and shelter.  Planning meetings are being  scheduled today. HWY 425 was a source of escape for many victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav. will be an ongoing link that will provide updated information about Isaac, it’s affect on Drew County, and local responses/services offered to evacuees who visit us during the storm.

Although the area where Isaac will make landfall is undetermined, and may range from Alabama to Louisiana, the need to prepare for an influx of evacuees is a task Monticello and Drew County need to prepare for now. All local motels still report having vacancies for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Their phone numbers are…. Holiday Inn – 870-460-0100 Super 8 – 870-367-6271 Hampton Inn – 870-367-6600 Days Inn – 870-367-1881 Economy Inn – 870-367-8555

21 Responses to “Hurricane Isaac – Left Over Photos & Thoughts”

  1. Bill Horn says:

    This post is only to slow down a panic, as Emergency Manager for Drew County as of 11:30 am today, monday 8/27/2012 we have not been contacted or advised officially by ADEM or any agency for the State of Arkansas to be preparing for evacuees. After saying that; it is recommended for each and every family to always be prepared for any man-made or natural disaster, especially flooding and wind. To find information that is helpful, please refer to and select BE Prepared.

  2. KC says:

    Thanks Joe!

  3. Prepare says:

    Joe, Great article, but I would suggest that Drew Countians also prepare for the storm passing over or near Drew County. After our prolonged draught, the chances of falling trees and limbs is high. We could lose electricity for days. Also any patio furniture etc. should be secured as now it looks like we could have winds between 30-45 mph. Gusts could exceed this. Also if Drew County is on the east side, as currently projected tornadoes are possible.

  4. Conservative voter says:

    How much rain is Drew County expecting out of this storm?

  5. Prepare says:

    The current NOAA rain projections based on Issac’s current track (2:00 pm EST) projects between 4-6 inches of rain. This could vary greatly depending on the track. If we remain on the east side of the track our rainfall amounts could be greater.

  6. Cindy H says:

    Great article Joe; you are greatly appreciated for keeping everyone informed I agree with Prepared we need to be ready for strong winds lots of rain & storms which will cause trees down, loss of electricity and flooding,

    Not sure if anyone has called advising anyone in Arkansas to be prepared for evacuees but I do know there are already some in Lake Village, Bastrop and Crossett so more than likely they will only travel north until they find shelter.

    Thanks to those who are having the meeting so they can get things ready before they are needed instead of being unorganized and having to figure it out after the problem arises.

  7. can help says:

    Just want everyone to know I have an extra room or two & can board horses or any other animal. Let’s hope & pray it doesn’t get too bad for any of us. :)

  8. wdd22 says:

    notice how the gas prices jumped. hit em where it hurts.

  9. Always be prepared says:

    In response to criticism that they acted too quickly for Issac:

    Less than 48 hours ago the Times-Picayune of New Orleans published an article predicting Issac would be a category 2 hurricane at landfall. It was based on this and similar information from national weather sources that the churches began to put into motion a plan of action. I realize to some, their preparation seemed to be premature. Our desire was to put things in place so that we could react immediately if needed, instead of throwing things together at the last minute. We may not get the influx of evacuees like in previous hurricanes, but you can’t wait until they show up to weigh your options or to decide to open a shelter and prepare meals. Though I have never been a Boy Scout I have always carried their motto…be prepared. I believe we have accomplished that and will truly “be prepared” if the need should arise.

  10. Bishop Sam Wherry says:

    We all should give special tribute and thanks to Joe Burgess for he is as efficient and persistent as any CNN, MSNBC entity and it is a honor to have such an entity servicing the flagship community of the Coalition Region of Southeast Arkansas and may Blessing/Favor continue upon him and his staff.

  11. Sarah says:

    Agree with Bishop Wherry; I was thinking this morning that we are getting as good coverage here as the national news provides – and I appreciate having a place to check on local conditions. But when the brunt of the storm hits, Joe, we don’t want to see you out there hanging onto a tree or street lamp, just to give us live updates!

  12. Sharon says:

    Joe never ceases to amaze me with his excellent coverage. I bet there are many towns around here that would give anything to live coverage like Joe provides to Drew County!

  13. Sarah says:

    Does anyone have any idea how much rain we’ve gotten so far?

    NOTE: Around 4 pm, the Monticello Airport reports around 2 inches, so far.

  14. Rachel says:

    Any news for C & L customers?

  15. 138 says:

    2″ out here by Pine Hill.
    C&L is back on, flickering and such.
    Wish the wind would quit and the rain.

  16. Sarah says:

    C&L Electric crews have done a great job getting everyone’s power back on!

  17. Just saying says:

    I don’t understand how there can be so many different readings in one town. Our rain gauge was emptied late Thurs. afternoon. From Thursday morning, beginning about 6 am, until it stopped raining sometime after midnight, at our house, we have received 8 7/10 inches of rain. The guage sits right out in the open. ????????

  18. 138 says:

    We ended up with 3.3″ out here, a little down the road was 2.5, on east, was 6″+. It depends on where the heavy rain bands are and so on.
    We have rain guages up all over, out in the wide open, and sometimes in a typical rain shower in the summer, one can have .5, one 2″ and varies.

  19. Mary Lasiter says:

    In Barkada we had received 6 4/10 inches of rain by this morning. We have not checked it after the heavy showers that went through late this afternoon.

    We had wind gust strong enough yesterday to blow a large fern, with 4 bricks in the bottom for weight, off of the post on our front porch.

    Our C & L was out from about 8:30 this morning until almost 3 this afternoon. We appreciate all of the ones who are out working in the wind and rain to help keep the rest of us comfortable and safe.

  20. D George says:

    It’s a shame that fire didn’t burn up the old couches and trash before that FOS 16 video showed what our streets look like to the rest of Arkansas.

    The next Municipal League meetings should be fun for our Mayor and City Council.
    Wait, the City Council doesn’t go to those meetings, so they can learn the laws about 3rd readings of resolutoins and emergency clauses.

  21. THANKS Joe, you keep Monticello on top of all the happenings in our fair county. First thing I read in the morning. Again , a BIG THANKS.

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