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State Police to Investigate Driver Jumping from Big-Rig, Causing Fatal Accident

October 31st, 2012 by

10th Judicial Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen has requested that a criminal investigation be conducted by the Arkansas State Police in connection with the October 29 Wilmar accident involving Bryant R. Childs (age 30 of Warren) and others.

A Warren driver was killed instantly when Childs’ loaded asphault truck crushed her mini-van into another 18-wheeler, in a 6 vehicle collision, Monday around noon.

1 Fatality in 6 Vehicle Crash at Wilmar – Victim Identified
October 29, 2012
At 9 pm, the name of the victim was released.  She was identified as Elizabeth Ann Davis, age 66 of Warren.  According to the Arkansas State Police, Ms. Davis was driving a 2005 Dodge van.

3:00 pm Update
 Around noon, an 18-wheeler enclosed trailer, a loaded log truck, a personal van, and a loaded asphalt truck were involved in a single fatality accident at the Wilmar railroad tracks.

HWY 278 is being detoured around the tracks, by using Gates and 13th street, rotating between east and westbound traffic.

Arkansas State Police are working the crash scene, assisted by Drew County Deputies Monticello Rescue Squad, and Thad Arkansas HWY Police.

The confirmed fatality is an unidentified white female, inside of the Mini-van that was crushed between the big-  rigs.

Multiple unconfirmed sources have told MLive that as a train was crossing HWY 278 west of Wilmar, lines of traffic were stopped.

Cars were in each westbound lane; behind the cars were a loaded log truck in the left lane and a covered panel trailer in the right lane.

Behind the log truck was a heavy duty work truck, and behind one of those vehicles was a white minivan containing a white female, who died in the crash.

A loaded asphalt truck belonging to Kelly & Son of Rowell came around the curve, saw the waiting line of traffic, and briefly hit his brakes; before jumping from his loaded 18 wheeler, leaving the waiting line of traffic at the mercy of his big rig as it barreled around the curve towards them.

The asphalt truck struck the work truck (pushing it into the log truck) and then collided with the minivan causing the death of its driver as the minivan was crushed into the side of the panel truck.  A 2007 Chevy sedan received minor damage, aas a part of the chain reaction collision.

At 5:30, the roadway remains closed. Some vehicles have been moved and authorities have confirmed that there was only one fatality in this afternoon’s tragic accident.

Reports indicate that the three tractor-trailer drivers have been transported for medical care.

No details have been released about pending charges of the driver of the asphalt truck.

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73 Responses to “State Police to Investigate Driver Jumping from Big-Rig, Causing Fatal Accident”

  1. Not my town says:

    Prayers for the family of the deceased. How sad….

  2. Jamie says:

    Prayers for all involved including responders! My condolences to the family!!

  3. HELLO says:


  4. nancy says:

    Yea, Sounds like he was speeding and why didn’t he head towards the ditch instead of jumping out and letting his truck just ram into those people? Poor woman didn’t have a chance in the van. God be with her family.

  5. Mary says:

    Why was anyone going that fast coming out of Wilmar/ If he was going to jump why didn’t he turn the wheel so the truck would go into the ditch instead of into the line of traffi? A lot of unanswered questions. Praying for all involved, even the idiot who jumped from his truck and caused this accident.

  6. Praying for all says:

    Lets not judge no one can say what they would have done in that situation. Just pray for all involved.

  7. Mike says:

    there could be enough speeding tickets issued in Wilmar to pay the entire sherrifs dept. being passed by someone running 60-70 mph thru town happens allthe time I bet if the DOT checks the brakes on the dump truck They”ll find he did not have any. Very bad for that poor lady. The old Warren road is just as bad for fast traffic and most are on their way to college shame they can’t read the speed limit signs, or are there any? Not enough anyway.

  8. Vibrante says:

    Nancy, i agree you. Or he should had guided the truck into the east bound lanes that was empty. But, i know WILMAR is a little ghost town but as a resident here, so many of these truck drivers & passenger cars & trucks come through driving fast & never slow down & respect that this is a town with city limits that have speed zones. But its just praying time. My heart goes out to everybody involved and those that had to witness the horrific event. I hope there is a lot if charges brought against this man. It wont bring the lady back nor will it erase this out of their minds but he needs to be held accountable

  9. angela says:

    Many Prayers for this family.. So sorry for your loss.

  10. Just goes to show that the local and state police depts should be patroling instead of worring about money. Patroling DOT would have got that but budget cuts are costing lives. To many putting power into money instead of worriing about keeping people safe.


  11. John says:

    Sounds like vehicular homicide to me. What an idiot and I agree he could have gone off in the ditch.

  12. Mo says:

    This is such a tragic!! Praying for the family!!!

  13. hunnybun says:

    I was thinking the same thing nancy. He was thinking too much about his self than all those other people. My opinion is that when he jumped out the truck either sped up or kept the same speed when if he wouldve stayed in and tried to slow it down it might wouldve made a difference. But im not a science genius so i really dont know. May God be with her family.

  14. seriously says:

    That wreck injured one of my best high school friends. That man is an idiot. I don’t give a frick who disagrees. Instead of risking his ONE SINGLE life and hitting the ditch, he risked numerous lives, including a small child. the man better hope I don’t find out who he is. YOU’VE GOT IT COMING, IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sign Man says:

    Praying for the Davis family,as well as the drivers of the other vehicles and all emergency people involved.

  16. S. Jones says:

    There is a 35 mph sign right before you enter Wimar, before you get to the curve and the railroad crossing. The asphalt truck driver should never have left his truck under any circumstances. He should have tried to figure out where the truck needed to go to prevent the least amount of damage. Im sure he wasnt doing 35 or this never would have happened. This is why we have speed limits set!!

  17. Prayers for All says:

    Lets not judge. No one can say what they would do in a horrible situation like that.

  18. Chris Donaldson says:

    It can Sound any way u want. There is a know rule in trucking. Take the ditch. He should get the max. Hope they check the truck for bad
    brakes and jail the owner. U be surprise of how many of our local trucks have big time maintenance problems.
    This is south Ar.

  19. mike says:

    Sounds to me like the driver who bailled should be charged with vehicular manslaughter!

  20. Mrs. Scooter says:

    I came up on this wreck just a few minutes after it happened and being the wife of a truck driver it made my stomach turned. No, no one knows what they would do in this situation but most big rig drivers do know what will happen if they hit another car, small truck or van….. therefore they NORMALLY do everything in their power to get away from the vehicle. I know many drivers, including my husband, that have “hit the ditch” to try to save someone’s life. Drivers like this man are the reason they all have a bad rep! I am not judging this man, I am just simply stating that most drivers have been in this situation and they didn’t jump out of their truck.

  21. Just saying says:

    I don’t believe this is what the state police report says. So why would you post unofficial reports? Basically you reported here say! Are you trying to ruin this poor man’s life? Why can’t you let the police and the justice system decide if he is guilty of leavening the cab of his truck, instead putting it out there for entire drew county to judge. We should not judge this man, it was a accident plain and simple. Everything that is posted on this website is here say, joe you need to be a reporter and post official researched articles!!!!

  22. L Copeland says:

    Yea Im judging this idiot , He should have rode out that truck he was driving and not left that seat . He was very selfish by his actions , He deserves no sympathy from anyone !! HANG HIM HIGH !!

  23. Randy says:

    This all had to happen in mere seconds, yet the truck driver had the time to decide he wasn’t going to be able to stop and the best course of action was to bail. Then he had to open the door and jump. Hmm, sounds as though maybe he had enough time to prevent so much damage.

  24. SHAME! says:


  25. Gretchen Courtney-George says:

    Chris, we run trucks as well with drivers in them. My husband does maintenance checks on all of our trucks that are running every Saturday or Sunday. He makes sure that there’s nothing wrong with them and that everything is working properly. He runs by the lot every night before he comes in to “look” at the trucks. He’s a very detail orientated person and notices the smallest little detail that’s different. Anytime one of our drivers bumps into something or tears up something, he notices. He usually asks the drivers about it before they have a chance to tell him. He understands how serious it is to have continued maintenance on his trucks. It truly does make a difference between life and death.

    Praying for everyone involved in the accident and their families.

  26. Bad Situation says:

    Such a sad situation!! It’s easy to blame a person for doing something when you’ve had time to think about what you would have done but in a situation where “TIME” is an issue and not much of it to evaluate the situation, you may not make the best judgement call either. I’m not excusing the driver. Sure he shouldn’t have been going so fast but who are we to judge, not only does he have to live with a death that he caused due to extremely poor choices but he is most likely now facing legal repercussions for those actions. My prayers go out to all!

  27. lucky bob says:

    trying to get that one extra load wow too bad

  28. Olivia says:

    How selfish of the driver. All of thos epeople were at his mercy. he could have gone for the ditch and saved a life. It could have been so much worse.

  29. 138 says:

    Most the semi’s down here wouldn’t pass any inspection. Log trucks, gravel trucks, chicken litter trucks. If ya’ll only knew the half of it, most people wouldn’t want to drive on the same roads.
    No brakes, some brakes, and everything just waiting to be a wreck. They cobble trucks together to save money and still haul logs, the front steering sectors and components are often rigged up to work, if something breaks they will cause a major wreck.
    Anyone in a vehicle has no chance against a loaded semi. Just a fact.
    I hate this happened, and the guy in the truck just jumped out? That’s nuts.
    Today, everyone likes to worry about 1 person, ME. Selfish, no respect and always in a big hurry. You don’t have time to slow down, but if you don’t, you always have time to die. Simple.
    I pray for these people involved, the woman and her family and all the others. I wish things would change, back about 20 years ago or more.
    People went to church, prayed, you had respect and trust.

  30. Joyce says:

    At times like these it is easy to see where people’s hearts are. Both of these families need prayers. The family of the truck driver is in deep grief as well as the family of the lady that lost her life in this very tragic accident. Let’s keep in mind that this could be your son, your brother, your father…..that was the driver of that truck. Would he would the idoit that you see in this accident. Think before you speak or write. Have a blessed day.

  31. so avoidable says:

    this was such a sencless tragity, its horrible to know what just one person being carless and then selfish enough to bail out instead of just turning the wheel can do! look at all the lives he devistated. all the people involed in the accident the victim and her family, his own family (i feel very sorry for them BUT NOT HIM) and all the people who witnessed it all the emergency responders its just sad from any way you look at it!

  32. Red says:

    I am a certified diesel mechanic who did all the work on the asphalt truck and it just got brand new brakes put all the way around it and I personally know how good the owner took care of the truck and he is in no way responsible of how fast the driver drives and he cannot ride with the driver everyday and make him stay in the truck when a train is on the tracks… I’m terribly sorry for what happened and my prayers are out to everyone.

  33. J.Wheeler says:

    Regardless, a life has been needlessly ended. Negligence, any way you look at it, was the root cause. I pray our criminal justice system is at it’s best when this comes to trial. My guess is a plea bargain will be offered. Nothing anyone can do for this poor victim and her family except prayer. I promise to pray for all involved. All the innocent on both sides of the fence.I pray this Childes man ask God to forgive him for his actions. I am a truck driver and CAN without question say what I would have done. There is no way I would have bailed out. Can’t believe anyone could. God bless the families torn apart by this tragedy.

  34. Amy says:

    Well I wasn’t there but I know that my friends husband was involved in the wreck. It is a really good thing that more weren’t killed or hurt worse than they were. Now all these people have to live with what they witnessed. That is sad. All we can do is pray God will give them
    all strength to make their lives as sane as possible now. From the photos that would be someone nobody needs to witness.

  35. alexis jacobs says:


  36. Heyya says:

    Really a sad situation for all! May GOD be with the family & loved ones! GOD will be the final judge & may he have mercy on all!

  37. Dewayne says:

    Look it’s like this I drive a truck every day and I have had a wreck in one and I can tell u from personal expirence you don’t realize how quick it happens … Now with that being said I do agree he probably should have taken the ditch the same way I should have but I didn’t think about it and neither did he or he would have I can tell u the only thought going through your mind is oh my god I killed everybody …in this case I do think the truck driver was at fault but what all you people who have never drive a truck u haven’t even remotely got a clue on how hard we have to go out of our way to keep this from happening litterly a hundred times a day … I think everyone should have to drive a truck before there even allowed to have a license to drive even a bicycle !!!!!

  38. i am very sorry for both families thats involved,im praying that god gives them strenght.may god continue with his mercy. please every one pray for both families.thr this painful time.

  39. Tidd says:

    Well I was one who sat on the side of the road and watched and looked at everything that had happened that day.It was a very sad thing that Mrs Davis lost her life.In wreaks no one at the time usually dont have to think about what they going to do,but brace yourself for the hit or maybe hit the breaks.Yes Ive heard that the driver jummped out of his truck.Im not for sure if he really did,but if he did it seems like he was just thinking of himself.But im not judging him because its not been confurmed that he did.But all the folks that was involved in this wreak I feel for each one of them.Ive said prayers for all yes, even the one who caused it.This will be something that hes got to live with the rest of his life.Because of his judgements he took a life.I do agree I live in Wilmar and yes people do not pay any attention to the speed limits,most people when they pass the store headed out of town start speeding up,the speed limit does not change until after the railroad track.Again it was a very sad thing.My heart goes out to all of Mrs Davis family.Also the rest who was involved we dont know whats all going through their minds even though they are still living.God Be With Yall All…Even all the workers who were there..


  41. panic says:

    I agree all these people judging these people not excusing the driver but none of us kno wat we would do till it has happened beiging how i have drove trucks for a quite a few years and ben through trucking school i kno u cant make that truck stop on a dime and these people judging this man probally never have even set in a big rig yes it is a tragedy no doubt but all of us will go when it is our time no matter wat to me the driver bailed he got lucky because he could have easily ben ran over by his on truck you have to have some experince in a truck to understand sometimes that truck kinda has a mind of its own and untill you or put in a sitatutaion like that you dont kno wat you would do either my prayers go out to everyone but with out truck drivers this world would do with out unless you can haul logs in your pick up truck to the mill or asphalt or even how the stores get there supplies it most of the time comes off a truck stop drivers for one day and i bet we have a crisis they deliver all kinds of goods all over the world and we ned them so sory for this tradgedy and fell bad for all he probaly paniced and just did the first thing that came to mind we all will be judged in the in and he still has to live with this

  42. Ray says:

    @shame. You can say what you want but the man was an obvious coward. I believe most people’s reaction would have been to swerve into the ditch or the other lane to try to avoid a wreck not to bail and leave those poor people defenseless. He only thought of himself because he knew he couldn’t stop and figured he had a better chance if he jumped and that poor lady and her family paid the ultimate price. Regardless of judging his reaction right or wrong he should be held criminally responsible for that woman’s death. An I’m sorry or it was an accident shouldn’t cut it.

  43. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am praying for this family in this time of loss. But here is the major issue why in the world is someone driving a 18-wheeler with messed up brakes so the driver says and also how fast was he really going. Also I have inside sources and I know this is the 2nd 18-wheeler accident that the driver was involved in and just like this one he bailed out of the 18-wheeler before it crashed…hmmm…sounds like something is wrong here!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily the 1st accident did not kill anyone…I think he should have been investigated in the 1st accident and have his CDL suspended. Things around Drew County need to change and start pulling over vehicles that speed and cause accidents like this. This man needs to be held for what happened and I hope that the state police and the DOT actually find out that brakes where either in working order or they had not been fixed like they should have and hold the person driving the 18-wheeler responsible for this accident as well as the company. Praying for this woman and her family.

  44. blondie says:

    This is horrible and tragic. I pray for everyone involved, and that God gives his strength to the family that lost a loved one, and those that ended up in the hospital, and those that suffered but able to drive away, and those that watched. May God be with the first responders for they too have to live the scene over and over in their heads. May the truth come out through the justice system, and it be dealt with then. One never knows why one makes the judgement calls they do until it has to be investigated, and the truth comes out. Let the truth come out. God be with everyone in this horrible and devasting accident!!! I do have to say, I’m terrified each day I have to drive the roads of the truckers because they counting loads, and not hourly pay….

  45. RE: SHAME & Just Saying says:

    1. You stated, “I don’t believe this is what the state police report says.” I can answer that for you beings the report it not complete nobody knows what the “report” will say
    2. When a reporter gets information from the law enforcement agency working the accident is NOT hear say in this case it is Arkansas State Police say!
    3. Joe and any other media are not trying to ruin this “poor mans life” they didn’t ask him to do this, I think he was alone in the truck when he choose to una$$ the truck.
    4. The State Police ARE working this accident, the file will be forwarded to the prosecutor so they can decide what charges if any that will be filed in the justice system.
    5. ACCIDENT: an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance (Webster online)
    I do believe he was the only one in control of his asphalt truck when he decided to bail KNOWING the truck was headed straight towards a line of traffic therefore he INTENDED to get out of the truck to save himself & only him definitely not thinking of anyone his truck was headed straight towards. (Not saying he intended to have the outcome his decision caused)
    7. Joe, you continue getting information you need to keep the public informed of what is going on in our town. When you go to an accident scene, get a statement about it from law enforcement working the accident is posting information you researched!!
    8. Sending many thoughts and prayers to the Davis family as well as everyone involved in anyway INCLUDING the man that made a decision that ended someone’s, mother, sister, wife, daughter and friends life.
    9. WHAT A SHAME: I WILL run my mouth I do have a clue, I do know what happened I WAS there I saw it and will forever see the awful things I saw. I will NEVER forget this or anything I heard or saw. I AM praying for everyone involved including the man who caused this accident. WHAT A SHAME and how UNINTELLIGENT yYOU are to pass judgment on any of us who lived this nightmare.

  46. LAX says:

    When the investigation is complete, it will most likely be determained that the driver was on his cell phone at the time of the crash. Vehicular manslaughter!

  47. Friend says:

    Actually I DO know what happened. My best friend, her boyfriend, his baby and my dad were all there. They saw things that were horrific and now have to live with that memory. As for the careless man who bailed he needs to pay for his selfish act. He was SEEN jumping out of the vehicle and told the witnesses/victims and police that he did say. What would I do in that situation? Let me tell you what I HAVE done. I took to the ditch when my car’s throttle hung up on me and my brakes went out. Instead of hitting people I swerved and went in the ditch. I was nearly killed but I couldn’t bear the thought of possibly taking innocent lives. This man has no concern. He could have prevented a death and saved others from a horrible memory that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. No one is perfect. But this was uncalled for. I do pray that he is able to find forgiveness. God Bless ALL those involved.

  48. ppl ppl ppl says:

    Ppl Yal need to get it together cuz u say wat u would r could have done but in till ur in that seat!! Stop talking cuz u don’t know!! N for the person that’s talking bout doin sum to child’s when u do it its not just him u Haveing c. Stop trying to do the police. Job for themn let them do it sum times he** its not like ur getting pay to think r c wat the out cum is goin to b!! Ur the next person look in on Monticello. trying to c wats goin on u can have sum to talk about. Wit the next!! Now have a nice!!

  49. Tidd says:

    O.K. I was there for the most of it,yes,standing there listening to people talk about who they thought it was in the van,who the truck driver was that was driving the asfault truck that caused it,what the driver did jumping out of his truck…I husband works for a log company,even though he does not drive a log truck I hear him talk about how the trucks are not up to par like they need to be.It is true alot of these trucks are not legal to be on the highway,neither are alot of the drivers,because they dont rest they take things and even some drink,they take chances thinking that they will not get cought or nothing will ever happen to them.Now Im not talking about the ones who do care because there are truck drivers who do care and even truck owners who do care about what they own or drive.It was a sad thing when this wreak happened and a lady lost her life.It has been confirmed that the driver jumped out of his truck,we do not know what went through his mind on why he jumped.It could had been because he thought the logs was going to go through him,yes lots of questions on why,I do feel he could had made a different choice,like yes guided the truck toward the ditch,even stearing the other way across the highway,that is if there wasnt any on coming cars,theres one thing though what he did he will have to live with this the rest of his life,pluss what ever charges that will come against him.Just pray for all the familys that was involved,also all the workers that was there that day.Alot of people are angry,upset,and even in all aaaaw.Again its all sad espically when one person had to lose her life.Just pray.Also I think that DOT when they stop a truck should be about to carry the truck driver somewhere and do a drug test & alcohol test on all drivers,but I know thats costly and mostlikely dont have the funds and that is a crying shame…Also Im not accusing this man that he was on anything all weve heard is he was speeding and jumped out of his truck.

  50. Dont get it says:

    I was sitting at my friends house just hanging out when we heard the cops and ambulance and fire trucks pass the house. So my friend said lets go see whats going on..well we were thinking maybe a house was on fire or something small we were shocked when we arrived on the scene…i told my friend it a shame we were sitting at home laughing and talking while just down the road a lady was losing her life…As we stood there watching the scene and the workers do their job i was looking around at the people and noticed confused looks on their was like you never know whats going to happen that could have been your friend or family in that wreck or even yourself so its hard to even image how Mrs. Davis was feeling when she looked in her mirror and saw what was coming towards her its hard to also image what the truck drivers were thinking but nobody knows what went throught the truck drivers head but there are alot of things he could have done differently for one when he went to jump he could have turned the wheel so the big rig could hit the ditch or turn it where it would go into the empty lane on the otherside….but all he cared about was himself he thought he would rist less injurey by jumping then by just hitting his brake and turning the wheel…I pray for Mrs. Davis’s family cause now they have to lay her to rest cause the truck driver just didnt care about anything but himself….may God be with the Davis family (and her friends) and the truck drivers of the other big rigs in their time of need…also be with the people in the white car that seen it all in their rearview mirror….MAY GOD BLESS THEM ALL!! Just a thought if i were you i would at least till my family friends and others that your close to that I love them because you never know when something like this will happen to you or them…Live each day like it would be no tomorrow.

  51. Tiffany says:

    So glad my God is merciful. Not the same could be said about those of you who are spewing hateful judgemental words about this man. Remember this the next time you make a mistake!!!! Judge not lest ye be judged!!!!! God knows what happened and he is quiet capable of taking care of the situation. He doesn’t need our 2 cents…

  52. Gibbi says:

    As the wife of a former truck driver, the fact is there is absolutely NO
    excuse for this man’s behavior. He made a very selfish and ignorant decision that hopefully he will pay dearly for! Abandoning your vehicle for the sake of yourself is plain pathetic. The scene of the accident was gruesome at best and my heart breaks for those injured and for the family of the precious life that was lost! As for “coming to Warren ” and saying these facts, I believe others in Warren feel the exact same way! A selfish decision led to much heartbreak!

  53. ppl ppl ppl says:

    How would u know if he was on his phone??? I’m praying for both families !!! Cuz wit the thing yal r saying ain’t Makein any thing better yea sum of u may. Have been dere but still in yet u wasn’t in the seat to say wat u was could have r would have done!!! U say he needed to take the ditch. Ok n yal say he was speeded so there. For if he would have to the ditch for wat yal say he should have done!! n the truck was goin we will say 55mhp n her toke the ditch the rear end of that big truck was goin to do the same cuz he was in the last rite lane. N if he. Hit breaks n went for the ditch takein a left r a rite the bk part of his rig was still going to go. !! Yea its a bad situation!!! But who r. U to say wat should go on wit him!! Yal talking like this cuz its not yal r ur friends r ur bro,sis,uncle, mom,dad any of ur family!! That’s y yal talking bout. Wat need to b done!! Yes u may seat on here after reading this n say if it was ur family u wouldn’t take they side cuz if they in the wrong they in the wrong n that’s. That but u can save that! ! Cuz we al know!!! the real when it cums. To ur family!!

  54. Disappointed says:

    Oh Lord, you people are quick to judge. I am sure he did not intend on things to go the way it did. It is already bad enough it happened, now everyone is pointing the finger. Please watch what you say, and don’t accuse. My husband is a truck driver and I have to say, it is not easy driving one. That man will have to live with this for the rest of his life and may possibly be suffering as well. People make mistakes. Even if he did intentionally do that stupidly, it is not your place to judge! Praying for everyone including the driver that jumped. You never know what you will do in a situation like that until its over. Would you like to be accused for something you didn’t mean to happen? Put yourself in his shoes! I hate it happened, it is a sad situation. Please, think before you think or assume.

  55. Concered says:

    My prayers are with all involved, & I see so many big trucks going to fast & too close to people in front of them, also, people in front of big trucks need to realize, they can’t stop fast, so use your blinker and give plenty of warning when turning! People in big trucks, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

  56. Why says:

    My question is WHY WAS HE DRIVING SO FAST AND YES IF HE HAD TIME TO THINK ABOUT JUMPING OUT TO SAVE HIS LIFE WHY COULD HE HAVE POINT THE VECHICLE IN TGE OTHER DIRECTION SO THE OTHERS COUD LIVE !!! She was a very dear friend of mine worked with special Ed children all her live and to n
    Be killed in such a senseless manner is NOT RIGHT OR IS INEXCUSABLE,,,,,,

  57. Truck driver says:

    The driver is a coward who should and could have done his job which was to drive the truck, not point it like a loaded gun and jump out. Because of him a woman is dead and her family will never have another chance to talk to her of tell her how much they love her. If there is any justice he will have a nice long stay in prison to think about his actions and when he gets out never be allowed to drive anything that requires a license again. One more thing alexis Jacobs you sound like a silly child and in no way prepared to take part in an adult conversation your childish threats belong in Jr high along with your spelling.

  58. Touchinglives says:

    This is such a tragedy for ALL involved! I do not know the lady that lost her life but I do know personally some of her family and I know personally the truck drivers family. In times of sorrow we are so quick to blame, criticize, ridicule and berate one another. It’s at this time that we should be praying and supporting one another!
    I DO NOT believe for one second this young man intended to cause harm to anyone. There is no way I can say what I would have done if presented with such a situation as this one. I was very recently involved in a tragic situation in which I was the victim. I had said my if I and things many times but when this situation presented itself I reacted totally different than I had planned or imagined I would. My point is you never know how you will react to a situation until it presents itself and then still you may react differently than you expected.
    I agree that an investigation needs to take place. I’m not saying on order for charges to be brought against the driver but I think just so that maybe some people that feel the need to blame and condemn my find peace.
    I truly feel for all especially both the families that I know personally and send love and prayers your way!
    Losing a loved one is a difficult, heartbreaking event that is devastating to say the least but it should not be used as a catalyst to defame and condemn. It should be used as a time to grow closer to the ones we love and even those we don’t! My heartfelt thoughts to the Childs and Davis family

  59. Bry says:

    Heartbreaking for everyone involved. Prayers going up.

  60. chlids side says:

    Joe u need to shut this down its up for al the wrong reason.!! U got al these side line cop n state police on here!!! Lmbo!! @ yal cuz at the end of the day wat u r saying is not goin to!! Make it b want yal want it to b cuz if it was our family. R sum one we knew al this $#;+ that’s being. Said would not b said at al !! R.I.p.Davis!! sorry to her family !! N I wish each one of u could take a ride on his side so we al can c wat u would have r could have done!!! To stop this! ! I agree wit ppl ppl ppl n sum of the others on here!! N stop talking wat u don’t n wat u think u would have done cuz !! U realty don’t now til ur in that seat n lex jacob ur rite bout the family got his bk on any good r bad cuz I know I do n I’m not n his blood line n that part. Was to seriously!! N I c they did an up date wit his government. Name n address. N u still ain’t move any thing so cum up off her trying to beef wit sum one cuz this. Young man!!! Ain’t goin just like his family. Ain’t

  61. sad :(;( says:

    Praying to al the families! !!

  62. PRAYING says:


  63. razorbackmom says:

    The wreck was a horrible thing but people lets think for a minute, I know e eryone is mad at the point but lets put the shoe on the other foot, what if that was his mom sitting there waiting for the train and some of y’all son,boyfriend, husband driving the rig what you comment then, yes things could have been done different and there are a lot of should’ve could’ve would’ve in this situation so the best we can do if we have God in our heart is pray for EVERYONE that was involved and let the police, the courts, and for most God handle this.

  64. Gibbi says:

    Take up for him if you choose, but if it was YOUR loved one, I’m sure the comments would be much different! He CHOSE to abandon a vehicle for the sake of himself-end of story! There is no justification for his actions under ANY circumstances! There are many people impacted by the man’s idiotic actions!

  65. You People says:

    I sure hope some of you don’t call yourselves Christians!!!! I amazing how we can judge others with such harsh words and thoughts and then claim to be holier-than thou. I’m praying for all involved and that God have MERCY on all of you that DARE to pass judgement anyone ever again.

  66. Not Suprised says:


  67. Angela says:

    My prayers go out to all involved in the accident, especially Ann Davis’s family. She was a wonderful person , for those who do not know she taught disabled children at Star City High School for many years and one of her students was my son who graduated in 2008. She was the most dedicated teacher I have ever known and truly cared about the young adults she helped!! My son was blessed to have this woman teach him, it takes someone very special to have a job like that and Ann Davis WAS that teacher. My son thought the world of her and often talked about her even after he graduated and missed her terribly after he left. My prayers go out to her family, and know that she was a blessing in many, many lives and she won’t ever be forgotten. Bless you Ann

  68. ppl ppl ppl says:

    Stop cuz u ain’t going to ride any thing out! ! N you ppl I agree wit u !! Strongly! !

  69. If it was you says:

    The truck driver and his family is very torn and hurt as well. The driver did not intentionally plan to hurt anyone or kill anyone. He paniced and acted without thinking… it is sad. And we, the family is doing all we can to help him make it through this as well. He’s heart is broken and he, as we all wishes he could change how he reacted. But it’s easy to say what you would do when its not you in a situation. We are all praying for her family and if we could change it we would, but we can’t. The driver has to live with what one bad decision has done and the lives impacted. This event has changed many lives forever, I am so glad God is a forgiving God… and remember while you are posting you never know what will happen and you could very well be in a situation where your actions causes someone to get hurt or killed. How would you feel it you panicked and had to face people like you… THINK before you start running off at the mouth about what you would and wouldn’t do.

  70. Karie says:

    Oh, I am thinking.

    I think it is funny how fast some of you find ANY excuse to justify certain behaviors.

    Conversely, other behaviors — particularly those that are victimless crimes or where no one is sure if the person is guilty or not — are vehemently renounced.

    Odd, that.

    Here’s the facts. YES I — and anyone who deserves a drivers license — SHOULD know EXACTLY what we would have done. So yes, we do have the right to say that no matter what caused him to act cowardly, it was wrong.

    How many would defend the driver of a school bus who bails, allowing the kids to barrel into a train, for instance?

    SAME difference. If you can’t see that, you are a hypocrite, with all due respect.

    Let’s examine the facts, shall we?

    * Joe reports what he is told by cops, the witnesses involved, or what he sees. Are you really ignorant enough to think he makes it up? Whether I agree with all of Joe’s opinions is irrelevant. He isn’t going to make stuff up (he could actually be liable for that – think about it) and he has a right to report news no matter who likes it.

    In fact, what he does is the same as other reporters such as say Ed Bradshaw or Chris Hanson or etc. (Albeit on a much smaller scale – don’t let your head swell Joe! lol) And I am sure some of you would, if you could, tell more well-known journalists off too, if you could. However, you can’t get to them. Therein lies the difference. Because Joe is a local guy you think you can bully and badmouth etc. Which, I guess you can. But you are making an asz of yourself, really.

    *The guy jumped. Really?! Who can say what they would do?! Seriously?! I already addressed this. But let me clarify further — there’s an unspoken code among drivers – when faced with the choice of taking the ditch or certain death or killing another, you take the path of death.

    BTW I was married to a driver for many years and am at home in a big truck.

    I’ve also taken the ditch… out in the country where Gabbert turns into a windy country road. Coming around a curve, suddenly a car is there, in the middle, and I took a ditch — and kept it under control. And in other instances. But, this isn’t about me. I say it only to say I have evaded too many collisions — including on an icy bridge leaving warren — to doubt my reactions.

    I also know that you have no business driving if you aren’t constantly assessing your total environment. At any given moment you should mentally ask yourself, “What would I do if he pulls out in front of me? What if that dog darts in front of my car? What if that child jumps in my path?” The more you train your thoughts the more you don’t have to “Wonder” what you would do. As your mind goes, your body will instinctively follow.

    Furthermore, he shouldn’t have been speeding, if he was. That curve is not so sharp that he didn’t have enough time even if he was speeding reasonably (you know, 5 mph over, versus 15 over for instance) if I may use that term. If he hadn’t done something wrong he had time to stop – this all reasonable people know. If the mechanic who spoke earlier is to be believed, the brakes were fine. Even if they weren’t, we must refer back to he had other options.

    *In the end, he didn’t choose other options. He chose the one that was guaranteed to hurt someone else. No, we really can’t excuse that NO MATTER WHAT.

    I won’t stoop to vile spewing of stupid and evil comments. No we shouldn’t hang him. No we must let the report come out and the facts heard and tried in a court of law.

    And honestly, I do feel sorry for him — no matter what, he will have to live with what he did if he has a conscience.

    And yes, there isn’t one of us, as my old friend LaRon Meeks used to say, who hasn’t made a mistake, a poor choice, and unfortunately, some of us have to pay for them.

    He shouldn’t have done what he did. There’s no way to avoid facing that truth. I am sure he regrets it. But still, he made that choice.

    So to those of you who keep harping, “You don’t know what you would do! How can you be so cruel!” I agree that I am sure he wishes he could change it, but he has to take responsibility for his choice, and yes, his choice was wrong as he chose the path of injuring or killing others to save himself and that is NEVER an acceptable alternative.

  71. ppl ppl ppl says:

    Oh my thank u for that!!! ((((if it was u )))) ;) but they. Dont hear u cuz once again like u said its not them so they don’t care for feelings. Rite now!!

  72. Just saying.. says:

    This is awful, this whole accident was a tragedy, I can’t say too much but the lady who was killed visited her father everyday who is in a private care facility, it’s sad for him who looked forward to seeing his daughter everyday. We don’t know what we would do in any situation but it just seams to me that your instinct is to. I am at a loss for words, we have all been in a situation where we were speeding, none of us can say we werent. I think we all need to take a lesson from this and realise that speeding DOES kill, if he wasn’t speeding, a death probably could have been avoided, I just dont know what to say, part of me thinks he should of course be in trouble for causing this but not too much trouble because it was an accident, but the other part of me knows that if it were my family I would want him put away forever,.. It’s just such a terrible tragedy and I don’t know how it will be handled but I am praying for everyone involved, including that driver and his family

  73. Chris Donaldson says:

    It can Sound any way u want. There is a know rule in trucking. Take the ditch. He should get the max. Hope they check the truck for bad
    brakes and jail the owner. U be surprise of how many of our local trucks have big time maintenance problems.
    This is south Ar.
    ???????????? Gretchen Courtney-George says: ???????????????????
    !!!!Chris, we run trucks as well with drivers in them. My husband does maintenance checks on all of our trucks that are running every Saturday or Sunday. He makes sure that there’s nothing wrong with them and that everything is working properly. He runs by the lot every night before he comes in to “look” at the trucks. He’s a very detail orientated person and notices the smallest little detail that’s different. Anytime one of our drivers bumps into something or tears up something, he notices. He usually asks the drivers about it before they have a chance to tell him. He understands how serious it is to have continued maintenance on his trucks. It truly does make a difference between life and death.
    Praying for everyone involved in the accident and their families.
    Inspection at the wrecker yard.
    He specifically noted a tire with wires exposed and a brake line splitter that was worn.
    He told the court that 3 of 4 trailer brakes were out of limits, and 6 of 10 brakes were out of calibration, total.
    ????????????????????? OOOOPPSS ????????????????

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