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PB Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Shooting at UAM Student in 2009 4-Man Crime Spree

July 13th, 2011 by

Walter Franklin, of Pine Bluff was sentenced to 10 years in ADC, following a guilty verdict from a Drew County jury on the charge of aggravated robbery, involving a fire arm,  Tuesday.  The jury voted  not guilty on a  theft of property charge. 

Franklin was one of 4 Pine Bluff men who came to Monticello, in December, 2009, in a day that led to a gunshot being fired at a UAM student, while they were allegedly trying to steal her car; and an armed robbery of EZ-Mart North, along with the kidnapping and beating of their store clerk, by another member of the group.

The student’s vehicle was parked at Royer Hall, at UAM, when the attempted auto theft took place.  When the car died, the man in the stalled vehicle ran from scene.

The student reported seeing a man from their car in a dark hoodie, with a handgun, when she heard the gunshot.

The prosecutor told the court that there were only two suspects at the scene wearing dark hoodies, Franklin and Jakevius Stewart (who was the man who ran from scene, and later plead guilty to aggravated robbery of the Hyatt Stree E-Z Mart store).

When the group’s car was stopped by police, the handgun was inside of their car.

Franklin was sentenced to serve 10 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, and must complete 7 years, before being eligible for parole.


Last of 4 PB Group Found Guilty of “Gun on Campus”, Not Guilty of Robbery & Theft Charges
Posted October 6, 2010
The trial Eric Leonard, of Pine Bluff, was held Tuesday in the Drew County Circuit Court, on the charges of possession of a gun on campus, theft of property over $500 (a stolen car), and armed robbery, for his part in a series of December 15, 2009 crimes at UAM and Monticello.

The jury found Leonard guilty of possession of a handgun on the campus of higher education, but not guilty of the other charges that he was facing.
Leonard’s public defender asked the jury to sentence him to probation.  In an unusual, but understandable jury presentation, deputy prosecutor Frank Spain, told the jury that he was torn between asking for a prison sentence or probation.  Spain told them that if Leonard was sentenced to serve 6 years, that would possibly be reduced to only one year of prison/jail time.  Since Leonard has been in the County Detention Facility for 298 days, and he, therefore, could be released, “possibly in a matter of days.”
The jury then sentenced him to 6 years of wupervised probation.
The full story, from the morning of the crime spree is detailed below.
Posted Sept 7, 2010
3rd of 4 PB Group Guilty of “Gun on Campus” for 6 Years, After “Hung Jury” on Robbery & Theft Charges
  Franklin was one of the 4 Pine Bluff men that came to Monticello on December 15, on a day that led to a gunshot being fired at a UAM student, while her car was being stolen; and an armed robbery of EZ-Mart North, along with the kidnapping and beating of their store clerk.
Two of the four have already been sentenced by the court system, and agreed to testify against Franklin and Eric Leonard.  However, confusing testimony was mentioned by a juror as one of the reasons that the jury couldn’t make a final decision on all of the charges.
The jury found Franklin guilty of possession of a firearm at a university, but couldn’t all agree on a guilty charge for the aggravated robbery and theft of property charges, related to the theft (and/or attempted theft) of vehicles that day.
The prosecutor’s office can re-file those charges against Franklin later.
After finding him guilty of the gun charge, the jury then was unable to decide on a sentence for him to serve.  Judge Sam Pope then sentenced Franklin to serve 6 years on that charge, as this part of the trial came to a close.
2nd of 4 PB Men Accepts Plea for UAM Robbery & Car Theft
Jul 6, 2010 @ 11:51
Willie Lee Oglesby, of Pine Bluff, has accepted a plea agreement of 10 years in connection with the Dec 15 robbery at UAM’S Royer Hall, where a handgun was fired at a UAM student, in an attemt to steal her car.
In June, Jakevius Stewart accepted a plea of 52 years for his crimes on that day, which also included armed robbery of EZ Mart on N. Hyatt, and the kidnapping and assault of the store’s clerk.
Both Stewart and Oblesby were on an appeal bond out of Pine Bluff at the time of the Monticello robberies.
Both must also testify in cases against the other 2 members of the group involved in that day’s crime spree, as a part of ther plea agreements.
Posted June 16, 2010
Robbery / Kidnapping Suspect Pleads Guilty, Gets 52 Year Sentence


Jakevius Stewart, age 20 of Pine Bluff, pled guilty Tuesday morning to the charges of aggravated robbery of the E-Z Mart store on N. Hyatt St. on December 12, 2009, kidnapping of the clerk, and using another lady’s car to commit the crimes, without her knowledge.
Also included in the plea agreement are 3 UAM cases against Stewart, including another aggravated robbery, and two theft cases.
Stewart received a 52 year sentence, and will be required to testify against other defendants in some related cases.  
Posted dec. 15, 2009
$1,000,000 Bond Set for PB Robbery/Kidnapping Suspect-$500,000 & $750,000 for Other 3 for Car Theft & Gun Shot 

LEONARD, ERIC Drew County Circuit Judge Bynum Gibson, Monday, set bonds for the four 20 year old Pine Bluff men, accused of Monticello's early crime spree, Saturday morning.The four men, all age 20 of Pine Bluff are:Jakeveous Stewart-$1,000,000 bond, Aggravated robbery, kidnapping, fleeing, possession of controlled substance.Willie Oglesby-$750,000, Aggravated robbery, theft of property.Walter Franklin-$500,000, Aggravated robbery, theft of property.Eric Leonard-$500,000, Aggravated robbery, theft of property.Stewart and Oglesby were on appeal bond from a Jefferson County court at the time, for an earlier charge of aggravated robbery, and had bonded out on a $25,000 bond.At 5 o'clock Saturday morning, the four suspects, driving a Pontiac Parisienne (which after further investigation, was stolen out of Pine Bluff) attempted to steal an older model maroon Chevy Caprice from the west side of UAM's Royer Hall.When the owner heard her car alarm, she came outside, when one of the suspects fired a shot at the femaile owner of the vehicle, before they gave up on getting the car cranked in the cold weather. Three of the four men returned to the stolen Pontiac , and were arrested in a felony take-down traffic stop by UAM Public Safety, Monticello Police, and Drew County Sheriff's deputies, at approximately 5:20.A fully loaded 40 caliber Hi-Point handgun was removed from under the driver's seat.Stolen LaSable used in EZ-Mart Robbery

Stewart, the only suspect in the Chevy, ran from the scene to the east side of Royer Hall, and then stole third vehicle, a Buick LaSabre.

Pontiac Parisienne, brought the 4 PB men to Monticello, before their crime early morning spree.

Pontiac Parisienne, stolen out of Pine Bluff, brought the 4 men to Monticello, as their crime early morning spree crossed county lines.

Around 6 o’clock, MPD Dispatch received a call from EZ-Mart on Hyatt St., reporting an armed robbery was in progress.

According to testimony from Arkansas State Police investigator Scott Woodard, Stewart had driven the stolen LaSable and parked it behind EZ-Mart. before entering the store, jumping over the counter, and robbing the clerk, using a large screwdriver as a weapon, holding it against her throat, as he physically forced her out to the parking lot.  Stewart had the clerk on the ground striking her, when officers arrived, and he was taken into custody by the Monticello Police, Drew County Deputies, and UAM Public Safety staff, 12 minutes after the call came into dispatch.

UAM Royer Hall

UAM's Royer Hall

All four men are currently being held in the Drew County Detention Facility.

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68 Responses to “PB Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Shooting at UAM Student in 2009 4-Man Crime Spree”

  1. The Higher Road says:

    GREAT JOB! I am so proud of our MPD and UAM Security folks for their quick response and for nailing these guys!

    This helps to send the message that Monticello does not tolerate this kind of behavior.

    My thanks to MPD and UAM Security!

  2. Debbie says:

    Good job on the part of all the officers making the arrest, but the suspects sound like clowns, and not crafty ones at that. There must be more to this story.

  3. Proud of our MPD, Drew Co. Sheriff’s officers and UAM Security for a good job!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!

  4. Mandy says:

    Good job guys! It’s amazing how much energy people invest in being criminals…

    Very glad everyone is okay!

  5. Jason Beckham says:

    Proud of all my boys @ MPD! Good job guys! Keep doing what you do and thank you for keeping us safe.

  6. James Boney says:

    Congratulations to MPD, DCS, and most especially to campus security.

  7. Alice Dodson says:

    Excellent law enforcement work. Took no time at all to cage these animals.

  8. Melissa Nash, BSN, RN says:


  9. great job monticello police dept. uam security, glad they got him before he hurt her,

  10. Toni Oakes Garrison says:

    GREAT JOB EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!

  11. possumfabulouse says:

    thank God for all the officers that responded, I bet the store clerks family will have an extra special christmas they get to have their family member with them and not just in memory. Good Job! And to the clerk ill be sending a prayer for you over your terrifiying ordeal.

  12. Monticello resident says:

    Awesome Job MPD, DCSO & UAM. You always see comments putting local law enforcement down & gripping so MAYBE this time you will get the ” good job guys” comments for a change that each of you deserve. Thank you for the job you do.

  13. Debra says:

    I hope the clerk is ok, I work close to there and its sad to know this could happen here. These Pine Bluff folks need to stay in Pine Bluff….

  14. me says:

    Thankful for all this comeing out so well .Good job guys. Im glad E-Zmart has good security cam and called the Pd asap to give me all the info to get you there so quik and could even tell me when he left building with her and area he went to so I could get this to you to help her before something did happen to this lady thanks lord for helping us get these people off the street.

  15. hobitt says:

    I am very glad of the outcome. I hope the clerk was not seriously hurt, and recovers quickly. I also salute her courage for if I am reading between the lines she fought to keep from being forced to leave.

  16. Wade Newman says:

    I frequent that store early in the morning and am glad I wasn’t there when this happened. I hope whoever was working is alright. The clerks at that store are very nice. Good job to the officers involved in this!

  17. Hank says:

    My guys did a good job, we got to the calls in a hurry and worked well with U.A.M. and DCSO. Great job guys.

  18. chad says:

    I lived in pb for several years, and it has really made me apreciate Monticello! Great people, great law enforcement, etc..
    Thanks to the men and wemon that put there lives on the line every day for us, to live in great town. Thanks again!!
    and to the cashier, u r in my prayers…

  19. desiree franklin says:

    that is not true everybody does something stupid so yall cant judge nobody thank u

  20. THankful says:

    We are thankful to God for the young lady on campus that was shoot at, but was not hit. Hope she can continue to farther her education. Thank God for his guardian angels, We are also greatful the store clerk is okay.
    Thank you, all the law enforcement, men and women for reponding is such a quick manner.
    Keep doing what you do!!!!

  21. Jim Searcy says:

    Thanks for the bond judge. These guys need to spend the rest of their life in a cage.

  22. uncle bob says:

    I don’t know who Disiree Franlklin is directing her comments to but armed robbery and aggravated assault is not just “doing something stupid”. Especially if you are out on bond for basically the same thing. That is what is wrong in our Country now, people making excuses for these type of thugs.

  23. desiree franklin says:

    well uncle bob i tell u what my brother is not a thug. If it was one of ya relatives u wouldn be talkin like that. and if somebody made a comment like that u would get offensive.

  24. lookout says:

    look at those four faces and you tell me witch one shows regret for what they have done. not one of them. Its about time we see a high bond around here to, maybe now they want be getting out on the streets and doing it a week later.

  25. George says:

    Ms. Franklin, yo brutha knew what he was doin when he did it. Why steal other’s vehicles??? Do like the rest of us, and GETTA JOB!! It’s not that hard to act right.. Thanks, k bye!!

  26. Dub says:

    He may not be a thug, but he is a criminal.

  27. Uncle Ike says:

    I agree with Uncle Bob The reason people like this keep getting a get out of jail free card I will never understand, in reality they need to be put under the jail instead of in it for one day. I have a voice and opinion like everyone else and I see theses guys as thugs and for anyone elses opinion I do have thugs in my family as well.

  28. Think about it Desiree says:

    Desiree, whatever you call it is fine. Just because he is your brother he did something STUPID I nor anyone else would think you would stop loving your brother BUT to take up for him after what he did is NOT going to make it right! Turn it around what if it was your sister, mother, aunt or friend that he was involved in shooting at robbing, beating with a screw driver or kidnapping. You would feel the same way as everyone else on the outside if it was turned around. Nobody is making things up about your brother He along with 3 others made that choice by themselves without any help. The actions these boys took could have turned out much worse if the UAM securtiy, MPD & DCSO hadnt responded there so quick to get both things under control before it was to late. Thanks to the law enforcment for a job well done. You deserve more than words can say. Thank you for a job each of you do I for one am saying an awesome job was done by you all.

  29. Jordon Thompson says:

    I would like to say that this was a crime, and that the police did perform their jobs very well…But I, like Desiree, would appreciate it if you did not degrade my relative. I do feel that all involved need to punished for their actions, and that what they did validates the bond that was set, but realize that it is still not right to judge anyone….no matter the circumstance…My cousin does not appear to be remorseful, but I know in his heart that he is, I received the phone call when he was getting pulled over and I heard true terror, because it was at that time that he realized that this would not end on a good note for him, as many other times it has. I will pray for all involved, but I also ask for you to pray for my family and the families of the men involved, because you don’t know the circumstances or the trials that the families now face because of the terrible mistake that these young men made that night. Don’t get me wrong, I am not validating them for one moment, I would just like for you to consider that these are people too, and they have families too, that wish this did not happen…

  30. Really? says:

    The point is Desiree, that your brother is at least guilty of making horrible decisions and hanging with the wrong crowd. At the first mention of “let’s go steal a car” the logical human being would have just gotten out of the car. Normal people don’t go around stealing peoples cars and shooting at other people and they sure don’t associate with people that do so. Your brother is a prime example of a “thug” whether or not you like it.

  31. alexis white says:

    i jus wana say to everyone of you that said something about those for men. you can get on here and act like you are so perfect but im here to let you know your not and just like them men did that those could of been your kids as well so just to let you know everybody make mistakes… so yall need to keep the comments to yourself

  32. alexis white says:

    well really let me tell you something these are human beings……. but MY CUZ IS NOT A THUG….. you bout dont even know the meaning of thugs you dont even know these boys you just going by wat you reading on the internet.. yall is p@#$ing me off these boys do one little crime in that town and i guez its just throw them under the jail and throw away the key….. sorry to let you know its not going that way.

  33. Monticello Mom says:

    Alexis, “one little crime”? I think it was well beyond one little crime. These young men are human beings, but they are acting like “thugs”. They will have to pay the price for their mistakes as every one does. What they have to do now is be men and own up to what they did wrong and if they are really remorseful, they will turn from that way of life. It is not too late for them. It is time to pray for these men as well as the victims of their actions. This is the season of love. Let us all remember the birth of Jesus and the love He spread. Maybe someone needs to share Jesus with these men. Let us all pray for each other and stop the bashing and hateful words. Jesus loves us all……

  34. okay, chill out says:

    okay, i understand the family members that have commented on here… okay, maybe they are not stupid, but this was extremely stupid of them, and i agree that they should definitely be put in jail, especially the two that have done this before. They of any of them should know better. This was a horrible thing to have happened. I am sorry for the families of the guys, but i’m sorry they have to be ashamd, that’s it. I am definitely sorry for the young lady and the clerk that all of this happened to and theiry families and I hope everyone is okay.

  35. Bo says:

    U r so right…people do need to keep their comments to themselves…yall talk about how these are thugs and how MPD is doing so well… All yall see is the posts on MonticelloLive, you dont know whats really going on in the community. Dont judge anyone else’s children because you would be the last to comment if these were your sons. People make mistakes, they do stupid things but that gives you no right to call them thugs and judge them.

  36. hobitt says:

    A “little crime” is keeping your foot pressing down on the gas instead of letting up when passing through a small town. Honestly not seeing a stop sign and running it is a “mistake”.

    No we don’t know these people. But I can judge them by their actions. They stole two cars, collaborated with people who stole, shot at somebody, assaulted 2 people (shooting and punching), and took a gun onto a college campus. These were not mistakes they were “choices”. These are serious offenses. Two of them are already on charges of similar crimes. “Fleeing” could be a mistake as a result of panic (and is often just something tagged on to other crimes).

    Jordon Thompson, if your cousin does not act remorseful, how do you know he is? A decent person might hope so, if a relative or loved one committed a crime. But until a person’s actions shine forth, we do not know what a person feels or thinks. I am glad your cousin was scared. It may help him later as they say “fly right.” Maybe he will get lucky, reform, and get lenient sentencing if convicted.

    He could have been killed by the police if things had gone the wrong way! Somebody else might have been killed, and the law works even if your cousin was not the shooter he could be held equally responsible.

    Nobody on this forum needs to degrade these people; their actions have already done that alone.

  37. Mark Mason says:

    Those weren’t “men,” Alexis; and it’s going to be a long, long time before you ever see any of them again. Pass the word in Pine Bluff that if any more of your “cuzzes” come to Monticello to act like dirtbags, they’re gonna get thumped.

  38. Are You Kidding says:

    Well Ms. White lets look at it this way. Yeah it may have been a mistake to steal a car in Pine Bluff. It was another mistake to travel 50 miles to try to steal another car. It was another mistake to shoot at a lady on a college campus. It was another mistake to to rob and beat a store clerk and drag her from the store. Oh and by the way, two of these young men were on appeal bond for armed robbery I guess that was a mistake also. Well these boys have made several mistakes thus far and now its time to pay for the MANY crimes they have committed. I am not judging these boys by any means, GOD will handle that. I just hope that justice is served like it should be and the boys are OLD MEN when they get out of prison.

  39. Keepin it Real says:

    To Alexis and Desiree….
    Alexis you may need evaluating. One little crime, are you serious? They shot at someone and someone could have been killed by one little crime!!! You state you are getting p***ed off. Are you going to go out and do a little crime too? The boys were wrong and they are being judged by their actions. Instead of defending them pray for them. Because if the law is to help the innocent your “Cuz” will be in some serious trouble. And Desiree, THUG or BUMB which ever one you choose, your brother’s action fits both definition in my book!!!!

  40. Really? says:


    If the owner of this site was to post false information, they would be in alot of trouble. News sites must be 100% accurate in their reporting. If they aren’t they would be fined more money than you could imagine as well as face potential jail time.

    As to the comments about this being “one little crime”. What happened on that early morning was more than some little crime. Getting caught by police for egging someone’s house would be a little crime.

    We have a civil little town here and don’t go about shooting at women, and we sure don’t take lightly to shooting on school grounds where there are kids being put at risk over something as stupid as stealing an old caprice.

    What if, like the poster above stated, the tables were turned and someone in your family got shot at, or drug out of a store and beaten and threatened with a screwdriver, would you still consider it just one little crime? I highly doubt you would.

    You don’t think these boy’s will be convicted and put in the penetentiary….Well, let’s just say that you had better get ready for a rude awakening, because your cousin as well as the others involved are going to be locked away for quite some time.

  41. lookout says:

    the only mistake made here was that judge in pine bluff letting the two guys out on bond.

  42. Ms.Jamiah says:

    Hello everyone, I am a very close friend the girl that was shot at.She is like a sister to me, yes we may disagree on alot of things, but at the end of the day, if she would have got shot and and even killed, it would be like I was loosing my life also. When she called and told me what happened she was so scared, and just the thought that I could have lost my friend brought tears to my eyes. Its a shame at how 4 young men that knew that what they were doing was so wrong and immoral, actually thought that they could get away. And yes we all love our family members,I even have some members of my family that act like they have no home training at all, but to attempt to shoot someone over something stupid or just shooting at all is just plain dumb. There are no excuses for this, family or no family. And if you getting so mad about people downing your family well where you when, your family was doing these types of acts?? Where were you to talk some sense into their head? Where were you to help them out,since I guess they needed money,and a JOB or EDUCATION,was not an choice for them, so they selected crime as the only resource. If you love your family and friends as much as you say, you would not make excuses for them, but just give them the tools to live an normal life. As an African-American college student, there is no need to blame where you come from as an excuse for your actions. Its not where you come from but where you are going! Sorry to say your relatives, and friends are going to jail! So no matter what you may say in their defense they were wrong in everything that they were doing and any sorry reason they may give for doing it. Mcdonald’s hire everyday,so a job is just a pen away, no need to rob people. So I have a question for the relatives of the guys that shot at my friend, what if this was someone close you knew, you wouldn’t just think it was just “one little crime” now would you?? And good job Monticello police!!!! So on behalf of my friend, our friends and families, we THANK YOU!!!

  43. Uncle Ike says:

    Thats why this country is in such of shape it is because every crime was a little mistake then the next time the same excuse. Some crimes are mistakes others can be avoided it takes a man to avoid them and not a very smart man at that. If I was to guess at what these guys done in school it would maybe be sports but probably nothing as far as education. Like I said earlier I have cousins and a sister that has made poor choices in life and they are in the same shoes these guys are in. But I for one will not defend them for the wrong they have done because I would be just as guilty as they are and I for one am smart enough to know they are guilty of what they done and will never make excuses. Another opinion of mine the press is here to stay for the good and the bad so deal with it, Monticello live will stay alive, thanks Monticello live for all you do.

  44. ree says:

    Desiree and Jordan,you guys need to get real.If he was so scared of police chasing him down,why did he commit crimes?They ARE thugs.I call them like I see them.Running around hurting innocent people who are only trying to make a living and stealing what someone has worked hard to get.I have family members that I call worse than “thug”.Just because they are your family doesn’t make them any better than anyone else.If my family members are on drugs or trouble makers,I call them like I see them and don’t have anything to do with them.Your family is no better than mine or anyone else’s.They are criminals out hurting people.I hope they get what they deserve.If it had been your mother someone was beating for no good reason,you would be mad and calling them worse names.Get off your high horse.

  45. dragonheart says:

    If you ain’t got the time…don’t do the crime…

  46. desiree franklin says:

    for all yal information he wasn the one that shot at that girl so get ya facts straight ok. and ima leave all yall with this whether u like it or not he is gettin on and it will be sooner thank u think cause with faith and prayer oh my god is good remember that he the one wit tha last say so.

  47. A Mad College Student says:

    I would like to thank Monticello police and UAM campus police for doing their job. I feel sorry for the two girls in this case as well as the clerk who was hurt. I don’t understand why people have to go out and do crime. Can they go get a job and get whateva they want. What were they doing up at 5 in the morning. They should have been sleep and not up tryna commit crime. They must wasn’t thinking when they was tryna steal the cars or come on campus. They are so stupid when they was on campus they got lost and took them minutes to leave. How stupid can you be to get lost on UAM campus. I feel sorry for them and bless their young souls. I hope all of them get the sentence that they need and all of them have years in prison. This is a harsh crime and no one should have to go through this, but they do. For the criminals families I hope they learn that all of them will get it and it will hurt. Their relatives hurt other people and if they would have had a loving family then this wouldn’t have happen. Justice is what will take place when these CRIMINALS GO TO COURT.

  48. Jordon says:

    It matters not, the names that you decide to call them…I simply asked for you to pray for them and their families…realize that this crime not only affected those that committed it and those involved, but now, the families have to deal with this during this holiday season. I hate that my cousin was even involved with this, but he was, he will go to trial, and there will be an outcome, neither I nor anyone else knows what it will be, but I have faith that in what ever God allows, that it will be just. I continue to ask you all that have so much to say about the topic to take the time to whisper a little prayer for the parents, siblings, and other family members of all involved before you jump on the internet and play “holier than thou” next time…I pray that none of your children or other family members commit any crime so that you don’t have to eat your words…

  49. eric watson says:

    those guys broke in more cars than yall think pine bluff and monticello arent the only places they hit

  50. A Mad College Student Ms.Watkins says:

    Well in that case they should get charged for those also.

  51. A native Arkansan, I find it very sad that people publish such cruel comments about individuals they know little about. One of the young men happens to be my first cousin and I know for a fact that he was raised to do ‘the right thing’ (however many of you may define that).

    While we oftentimes find ourselves judging others, we must take a step back and recognize the fact that if, in fact, this was one of our own relatives, we would not want strangers posting hurtful things about them.

    While I understand that many of you have the right to speak your mind as promised in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, also keep in mind that when that Constitution was created, young men that looked like these young men were held captive as slave right there in Monticello.

    If you’ve never studied the impact of slavery, police brutality, and crime on minority groups in Arkansas, please do. It will honestly change your views on how we foresee ‘criminals’ and our justice system. Many of our young men, black and white, who commit crimes often have things going on in their lives that many of us have never experienced and would not know how to deal with.

    While I am not agreeing with their actions at all, I just want to encourage everyone to take certain things into consideration and keep the family members of these individuals in mind as they are most likely blaming themselves when in all actually we know they may have had little to do with the situation at hand.

  52. Mad College Student says:

    I understand that these men have families, but they shouldn’t just speak for them. You all know that what these criminals done was hash. What if your cousin would have stolen your car and beat you…would you have taken up for him like you are doing now. If he had any sense he wouldn’t have done this crime in the first place.

  53. Tymeka Rollins says:

    What my boyfriend and the other 3 young men did was wrong but people need to realize that they have families who love and care about them very much. Me for one I love my boyfriend so much and it kind of frustrates me to hear the harsh, cruel things people say about my boyfriend. That’s life people are going to talk and say things that I may not agree with. It hurts me to my soul to know that my boyfriend didn’t get a chance to see his first child be born. It also hurts me to know that he is not here by my side helping me raise our 2 and a half month son. So people should put themselves in others shoes for a second and ask themselves how would they feel if they were in the same situation as my boyfriend/ babydaddy and the others before they try to criticize somebody. These men are human just like the rest of us; everyone makes mistakes nobody is perfect.

  54. TEE says:


  55. thank god says:

    thank god these thugs won’t be on the streets for a good long time

  56. Brad says:

    52 years thats not a good deal, you should have choose door number two!

  57. Silverback says:

    Maybe after setting in jail for a while, your boy friend will get to spend some time with his family and children. That way he WILL HAVE A CHANCE of not getting a bullet in his head for trying it again.

  58. No Sympathy says:

    Thank God he is off the street!!! I do not feel no sympathy for this young man. And for Politicalpearl and Tymeka my mother always tells my brother and I if you go out and make your bed hard you must lay in it. This young man knew right from wrong. Some people were hurt behind this crime. Thank God no life were taken!!!!

  59. AGG says:

    Those young men need to thank God they did not try to pull their shenanigans on the wrong person. There are some of us out there who are legally armed and we are prepared to act when the moment of truth presents itself.

    As the father of two young men, I can tell you without blinking if either of them are man enough to commit the crime then they are man enough to do the time.

    As a father my heart aches for these young men and what they will face in the days that lie ahead.

    In the same breath, we cannot forget the terror the young lady at Royer Hall experienced. She could have lost her life or at the very lest been crippled for life. The emotional scars of the woman who was accosted during the armed robbery cannot be overlooked either.

    Yes we feel for the families of the assailants. Yes we understand they may not have grown up in the best of environments. At the same time, we must always come down on the side of innocence—always. When given the choice, we must make the hard decisions that protect those who do abide by the law.

    The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is a God of second chances. He can give purpose and meaning to the lives of these men even behind bars. We must however lose sight of the fact that while God does and is willing to forgive us, this does not mean we will be exempt from the consequences of our sins. I pay for many of the things I have done wrong in the past on a daily basis but I am forgiven.

  60. hobitt says:

    Hear! Hear!


    I feel better already.

    possibly this young man can get his life together. Prison will give him ample time and _hopefully_ he does so.

    He has taken a major step if in pleading guilty that he as also admited responsibility.

  61. AGG says:

    “We must however (NOT) lose sight of the fact that while God does and is willing to forgive us, this does not mean we will be exempt from the consequences of our sins.”

  62. poppa says:

    I hate to hear that this young man has a child that will grow up with out a father. Tymeka it is up to you to raise this boy right so that in 20 years this family is not going down this same path!

  63. they are idiots says:

    just another reason why more folks should have their concealed carry permits. they should be glad they are going to jail and didnt recieve a one way trip to the funeral home. seems to me that shooting at folks and beating others in a parking lot would allow someone to use deadly force.

  64. AGG says:

    “just another reason why more folks should have their concealed carry permits. they should be glad they are going to jail and didnt recieve a one way trip to the funeral home. seems to me that shooting at folks and beating others in a parking lot would allow someone to use deadly force.”

    BINGO. Can you imagine if that had been your daughter getting shot at from outside her dorm room?

    “I hate to hear that this young man has a child that will grow up with out a father. Tymeka it is up to you to raise this boy right so that in 20 years this family is not going down this same path!”

    True dat. This is where the community, the church and team sports coaches can step in. When we see these situations, then it is time to make sure the kids can afford the fees for the baseball, football or track team and the equipment or the fees and equipment for other worthwhile activities and we do it in a manner so that no one else knows about it so that moms like Tymeka are not put on the spot.

    My father-in-law was in the same boat as a child. His dad was in the penitentiary for manslaughter. Some good soul out there recognized the potential talent in my wife’s father at an early age and took an interest in him. As a result, my FIL went on to play college football and start two successful companies.

    You can curse the dark or light a candle.

  65. MadCollegeStudent says:

    I’m happy that he is going away for a looong time. I guess that’s enough time to sit and think about his life that he wasted. Why even try to take something that’s not urs? Well we can say that he just took his own life and away his chance to seeing his son grow up. I just hopr his son don’t grow up to be like him. Just raise him th best way u can. To be honest he need more time…oooppppsssss I forgot he is going to get charged for other crimes that he committed in Pine Bluff. These 52 years might turn into 87 years. He better not drop the soap.

  66. pat says:

    I pray for the young men, yes i was a lil harsh and im sorry if i stepped on anybody toes, but… some of ur comments wasnt heart warming either. I say im sorry to my self first for lettn ur comments get to me in a way it should hav and im not judgn the victim but how u know sumthn wasnt meant for her, im sure glad nothn happened to her tho… I leave wit these remarks, PUT AND KEEP GOD FIRST, ANYWAY… thats probably y he got so much time is because he had family members prayn for him, it could hav been worse u know.. MAY GOD CONTUNIE TO BLESS ALL, BLACK AND WHITE……

  67. L HWHITE says:


  68. Christy Morphis says:

    A few months earlier that would have been me that got dragged out and beat and I would have been pregnant because that was my shift and I thank God it never happened to me and feel so sorry for the lady who it did happen to. I pray these young men get they’re lives right for they’re families and friends sakes cuz they seem to have too many people who care about them for them to risk losing so much for nothing.

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