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4 Arrested on Drug Charges, 2 of them for Attempted Capital Murder of DTF Agent: $1 Million and 1/2 Million Bonds Set

August 31st, 2010 by

On Thursday, August 26, 2010 agents of the Tenth Drug Task Force were attempting to stop a vehicle driven by James Daniels, age 39, formerly of Warren, currently residing in Little Rock, Arkansas.  A search warrant had been obtained for the vehicle prior to the stop as information had been received that the vehicle was transporting narcotics to South Arkansas.

The stop occurred on County Road 133 near the intersection of 133 and Highway 35.

As Agents made the initial stop on the vehicle, a second Task Force vehicle pulled in front of the vehicle driven by Daniels and occupied by three other suspects. As Agents exited from the blocking vehicle, Daniels accelerated his vehicle as it swerved towards and rammed the blocking vehicle, striking a DTF agent. The agent fired on Daniels’ vehicle, striking the front and rear passenger side tires.

Daniels’ vehicle travelled a short distance before it was inoperable due to the flat tires. Daniels, along with Justin Jones, age 26, Tinya Sterling, age 37, and a 17 year old were subsequently taken into custody.

Task Force Agents located a large quantity of ice methamphetamine and marijuana that was thrown from the vehicle. The street value of the drugs seized is approximately $5,000.00.

Daniels and Jones have been charged with Attempted Capital Murder, Felony Fleeing and Possession of Methamphetamine with the intent to deliver and Possession of Marijuana with the intent to deliver, while Stirling and the juvenile have been charged with possession of marijuana and methaphetamine with the intent to deliver.

Daniels received bond in the amount of $1,000,000.00, while Jones received a bond in the amount of $500,000.00. Stirling received bond in the amount of $25,000 and the juvenile received bond in the amount of $2,500.00.

15 Responses to “4 Arrested on Drug Charges, 2 of them for Attempted Capital Murder of DTF Agent: $1 Million and 1/2 Million Bonds Set”

  1. skw says:

    I appreciate these officers for putting their lives on the line to try to rid our county of these criminals.

  2. Damn! says:

    Damn I guess they ain’t gon never learn! When is Ppl gon learn that they cAnNoT get away with tryna sell/buy drugs from Monticello!!

  3. trottergirl says:

    I know but they can sure get away with murder.

  4. lucky to be alive says:

    Lucky it was their tires..I would of been fireing at that stupid driver!!! Great job getting that off the street!!! I hope word gets out. DON’T bring your dope to our town~~~~What ya gonna do when they come for you …MONTICELLO COPS MONTICELLO COPS ARE BAD BOYS BAD BOYS!!!! LOL GREAT JOB!!!!!

  5. JP says:

    WOW! Maybe they will start shooting at all of them. Shoot first and dont worry about it later! I think they should have the right to shoot every drug dealer in town. But thats just my opinion. Anyhow great job!

  6. weevil says:

    I couldn’t agree more with “trottergirl”. We are quick to put drug dealers behind bars for a long time we is good, but let a child get sexually harrassed, or someone get murdered…they will get out in just a few years or no time served at all. That’s our great “system” we have.

  7. Teri says:

    Lucky why are you still cheering these guys. Drugs are here they are sold everyday here in Drew co. And these guys after all these years still have not done anything, but spend our money and no results. Keep up the good work? What does that mean, when you are paid, don’t you owe your boss some results? All we have seen is a bunch of people arrested, a ton of money spent, but drugs are still here.They are everywhere, and sold by street dealers, who pay no taxes. As long as they are here, why are we still hanging on to Nixons dream of locking up anyone who does not agree with him. In the meantime, how much money have we wasted paying these jokes? Legalize, tax and really control drugs, not leave it up to criminals to do these things that our government refuses to do.

  8. Lesa Simpson says:

    Yeah thts right!!! Monticello law enforcement are more concerned about the drugs than people who kill kids!!!!!Those are the people we need of the street. People who do drugs have a choice tom end their life,but a child thts killed does not!!!!Bad Boys is the appropriate name!!!!

  9. Andy C. says:


    You’re getting “law enforcement” confused with the court system and Drew County jurors.

    The legislature makes the laws, and sets the legal descriptions of crimes.

    Drew County jurors apply, or partially apply, these guidelines during the trial and sentencing.

    Sometines they’re too hard, sometimes they’re too soft.

    But as long as the cops get the pervs and dopers into the court system, they’ve done their job well.

  10. shelby says:

    Good Job! I’ll be glad when they get all of them off the streets. Some think they will never get caught but their day is coming!

  11. cj says:

    to terrie—- even if you legalize and tax drugs, you will still have no control over it.. ( as with alcohol, you can go to the next town and buy it and bring it home, but why do that when you can go down the street to the bootlegger)….AND DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LIVE BESIDE SOMEONE WHO CAN SELL DOPE LEGALLY?……..i myself would move to a deserted island first..

  12. suez says:

    The cops can only catch them and put them in jail then it’s out of their hands.People that run the cops down must not have ever needed one. Don’t run them down for something they have no control over..

  13. Jason White says:

    A bunch of ignorant and stupid people voicing their opinion! I can assure you that the badges have done everything they can do! If you haven’t seen results from the court system, go complain to them! Or, just sit back at your fat a$$es and cry about it! Morons! Talk is cheap. Get out and make something happen!

  14. Brittany says:

    They are the DRUG TASK FORCE, not the prosecuting attorneys or city/county cops. They deal with drugs, not murders.

  15. Huh? says:

    And Teri, prescription drugs are legal and controlled /monitored by the government. Arkansas currently leads the nation in prescription drug abuse by teens on a per capita basis. More people died in Las Vegas last year from prescription drug overdoses than murder. Prescription drugs are monitored by the DEA, Pharmacists, Doctors and law enforcement and are more common than methaphetamine and cocaine, which are illegal. There is your empirical data…
    Personally Teri, I think everyone who wants to use legally should go to Childrens Hospital and hold a child born addicted to these narcotics you want legalized and tell us then if you think drugs should be legal. You may still hold your opinion, and that is between you and God or whoever you hold yourself accountable to.
    As as far as why do we still pay these people? Because if we dont, it wont be long until we are like Mexico, with drug dealers owning everything and everyone. Arguing to legalize hard drugs is ignorant, in thinking that just because we legalize it there wont be addicts. Like ‘POOF’ its legal, so addiction goes away.
    Working in drug rehabilitation I can tell you that thousands, and over time, millions of lives would be lost and childrens homes destroyed if drugs were legalized. Sometimes, the fear of jail and losing everything is the only thing that stops a person from using again. Dont take my word, ask a recovering addict.

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